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Mums absolutely rinse man who calls himself 'the hot dad on the school run'

Mums absolutely rinse man who calls himself 'the hot dad on the school run'

Mums took to the comments in their hundreds.

A dad on TikTok is being absolutely rinsed by mums after he called himself the 'hot dad on the school run'.

TikToker @warfordd shared a video accusing some parents of 'being thirsty' - and mums were not having any of it. You can watch the clip below:

In the clip, the TikToker can be seen lip syncing to Sasique's 'Kute & Neat', writing over the clip: "Being the 'hot dad' on the school run."

He then added in the caption: "Some of you mummas be thirsty."

But mums were not having any of it, with several making comments on the video.

One joked: "When you find him will you let us know?"

While another said: "You just know one girl looked at him and he came home and made this."

And a third added: "As a school run mum, I'm sorry to say, we're not looking, we've got at least 5 other things running through our minds when dropping the kids off!"

And one added: "I get there a bit late so the playground is pretty much empty and I don't have to speak to no one."

The TikToker was rinsed by mums.

"Legit ain't got time to look at myself in the mirror let alone other people, 90% are there to drop the kids and run," shared one mum.

And another wrote: "LOL. The school run is the last place anyone looks. After wrestling kids out of door, all we do is wanna sling them through the gates and go to work."

Others said they were suffering 'second hand embarrassment' from the video, with one calling it a 'painful watch'.

One wrote: "New ick unlocked."

And another added: “'Some of you mummas be thirsty'… yeah for a hot tea and some peace and quiet!!"

The video did not go down well with other TikTokers.

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While the boy does seem to be crying as the beautician pierces both of his ear lobes, the parents have been praised for deciding to pierce the baby's ears at such a young age.

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Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@warfordd

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