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People urge mum to 'move out now' after 'creepy' object falls from daughter's bedroom ceiling

People urge mum to 'move out now' after 'creepy' object falls from daughter's bedroom ceiling

People say the mysterious trinket that fell from the ceiling would give their kids 'nightmares'

Your home is supposed to a safe space, right? Well, that's not so much the case for one mum who's been urged to 'move out' after a weird incident happened in her daughter's bedroom.

Louise Thornton took to a family community group on Facebook to share her story and people are really freaked out.

The mum wrote: "So this fell from nowhere this evening in my daughter's bedroom, she was chilling on her bed on phone, no one else in the house, she just heard it drop on wood floor."

The post was accompanied by a picture of a charm featuring a small gold figure with a green stone on its stomach.

The token fell from the ceiling of her daughter's bedroom while she was home alone.
Unsplash/Jp Valery

People rather predictably went crazy over the creepy trinket.

One person wrote in the comments: "Wtf is that? That would give my little girl nightmares."

Another said: "Cute but is it just me when u zoom in the eyes go blank?"

Others urged Louise to leave her home, with one user writing: "Move house... now." Another joked she'd have 'already left home.'

The mum didn't seem too worried though, casually revealing that her house is haunted, likely explaining the mysterious occurrence.

"We do have a spirit in our home," she wrote. "But always friendly. The house is over 200 years old."

Safe to say I'd never let my kids go round to her gaff for tea...

However, one mum who was intrigued by the trinket decided to look into things further and performed an image search of the attached picture, finding out that it 'may be a Native American totem.'

One user believes that the trinket might be a 'Native American totem.'
Facebook/Louise Thornton

"No spirits are 'nice' and we should never try to coexist with them," she explained. "Tell them to leave quietly without harm to anyone, and never return, in the name of Jesus and they have to leave."

She finished her comment by recommending a cleansing of the property, adding: "You may wish to find a local deliverance ministry and have them come pray over the house."

In other supernatural news, earlier this year, a woman who 'married a ghost' claimed she wanted an exorcism as her spirit husband was 'stalking her.'

Brocarde, who married her haunting husband, Edwardo - the ghost of a Victorian soldier - last Halloween (naturally), claimed he was making her life 'a living hell'.

She shared that she'd been having 'deep dark thoughts' and believed Edwardo was tormenting her, 'haunting' her by using the 'screams of a crying baby' and said she was considering using an exorcist to get rid of him for good.

Seems romance really is dead.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Louise Thornton/Unsplash/Jp Valery/

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