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Woman Shares Shocking AirPod Loophole That Let’s People Spy On Each Other

Woman Shares Shocking AirPod Loophole That Let’s People Spy On Each Other

Erm…so this is scary?

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

Apple users, listen up - there's a rather scary loophole doing the rounds online which shows how you can use your iPhone to spy on other people.

A video posted to TikTok by Dalila Mouhib (@prettygyaldali), showed just how the device can be set up for users to listen to others' conversations.

You can watch the video below.

"I am shook," Dalila says in the clip. "Like, what the f***."

She then shows how this can be activated on your iPhone.

If you go onto your Settings, then click on 'Control Centre', you are given the option to 'Customise Controls'.

In that sub-menu, there's a list of controls that can be added to your iPhone's primary functions, including 'Hearing'.

Dalila shows how the hearing function can be manipulated (
TikTok - prettygyaldali)

If you add 'Hearing' to your Control Centre, it will come up with a little ear icon when you swipe up on your homescreen.

Dalila then shows that, if you put your AirPods on and then select the ear icon, you have the option to turn the 'Live Listen' function on and off.

"Once it turns on, it sends everything to your AirPod," she explains. "You can leave your phone in a room, go to another room and you can hear what people are talking about in the room your phone is in, loud and clear. And they don't know about it."

Dalila says this tip can help you spy on "your boyfriend and your friends" - though we wouldn't endorse this, as that's a little creepy.

The hearing function can send audio straight to your AirPod from another room (
TikTok - prettygyaldali)

The video has since received 3.5 million likes, with people in the comments saying they were looking to try the hack.

"You can do whatever you want with this information! This is gold!" one person laughed.

"I will never trust a person with AirPods," a second said.

A third pointed out: "This is a major invasion of privacy," while a fourth said, "Do this and let the drama begin in your life."

But it's worth noting what one wise person commented.

"Here is one thing I've learned in my old age," they wrote. "If you have to spy on them and don't trust them, you shouldn't be friends or dating them. Let go!"

Tyla has contacted Apple for comment.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok - badgyaldali

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