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6 foot 7 woman proud she gave birth to ‘long’ baby despite high-risk pregnancy

6 foot 7 woman proud she gave birth to ‘long’ baby despite high-risk pregnancy

The mother is incredibly happy with her far bigger than average baby

One extremely tall woman has said she is proud to have given birth to her 'long' baby despite the high-risk pregnancy.

New mum, Haleigh - who stands at a staggering 6 foot 7 inches - was finally able to take her newborn back home after a very intense birth.

Haleigh has called the not-so-little tot a 'giant'. Check it out:

Haleigh's story first captivated audiences after she and her husband, Brian, appeared on the hit TLC show, My Giant Life.

The pair shocked medical professionals after delivering a healthy baby girl when they were previously told they would never be able to have kids due to Haleigh's ovarian cysts and misshapen uterus.

The woman revealed: "I’m excited about my giant baby. Brian and I call this our miracle baby because we were told by different doctors that we couldn’t get pregnant."

Being told she couldn't have kids was 'the hardest thing' Hayleigh 'ever dealt with'.

She explained: "I wanted to be a mom since I was a little kid.

"I really felt like I was letting Brian down - it was a hard six months but then we got pregnant with a miracle baby without trying."

"We got pregnant with a miracle baby without trying."

Before the long-anticipated birth, Haleigh said: “I think we will have a pretty tall baby, the baby this week is supposed to be around two and a half pounds and it weighs 4lbs 11 ounces so over double what it’s supposed to be.”

However, when the fateful day finally arrived, it was clear that Haleigh's height was going to pose a major problem.

Husband Brian, who is almost whole foot shorter than Hayleigh at 5 foot 8 inches, revealed: "The size of the bed in the birthing room was too small and the stirrups didn’t fit at all.

He went on to recall that both he and the nurse had to hold Haleigh’s legs as she pushed.

While there were many health concerns, Haleigh pushed through and safely delivered the pair's first child together who they named Kaya.

Haleigh's pre-birth predictions were right as newborn Kaya measured in at a whopping 22 and a half inches long which is two and a half inches longer than the average American newborn.

"That's one big baby!"

Because of the baby's big build, the new parents had to dress her in clothes fit for a six-month-old nearly straight away.

"I’m proud that Kaya is already so long," Haleigh said, "technically tall even though she doesn’t stand yet."

People couldn't wait to share their reactions to Haleigh's story, with many rushing to share their support and words of praise to the new parents.

One YouTube user commented: "I'm glad they had a safe delivery and healthy baby. She's so adorable."

"I love this couple!" wrote a second, "too many ingrained gender concepts are destructive to having a healthy power balance. You two are a beautiful example of what all women wish for and men should strive for."

A third echoed: "It warms my heart feeling the love and the joy this family have with their baby girl."

"That's one big baby!" a final person added, "she's going to have a good life with them two, they seem really fun."

Featured Image Credit: TLC

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