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Single mum ‘marries’ herself as 'why wait until you've met the one'

Single mum ‘marries’ herself as 'why wait until you've met the one'

Mum-of-one Erin Molan opted to 'marry' herself in a fun ceremony alongside other single women as a celebration of 'self-love'

A single mum has shared a look at the wedding ceremony she opted to take part in with other women, where they each 'married' themselves.

Mum-of-one Erin Molan revealed she, along with several other single women, decided to 'marry' themselves in a bid to practice self-love.

Erin, 40, participated in the fun ceremony as part of her radio show, Hughesy, Ed & Erin, on 2Day FM, after finding out many listeners were also single mums or 'unlucky in love'.

She also revealed that she was initially reluctant to take part but her four-year-old daughter eventually convinced her to do so.

Erin shared a reel on Instagram of the ceremony, which saw her dressed in full bridal glam and enjoy a sit-down meal with all of her fellow brides.

Erin was joined by other single women at the wedding ceremony.

Explaining the idea behind the 'wedding' day, she wrote: "We came up with this concept late last year because so many of our listeners were single mums/unmarried/unlucky in love/unhappy in their relationships and we just thought WHY wait until you’ve met the one… just marry yourself."

Erin went on reveal she nearly 'pulled out' on several occasions following her father's passing.

"And then we lost dad… and one of the million things that broke my heart about that was the realisation that he’d never be able to walk me down the aisle," she said.

However, Erin decided to go ahead with the ceremony after deciding she didn't want to 'ruin it' for her listeners.

The mum-of-one had a 'ball' at the 'wedding' ceremony.

She continued: "I was also a bit embarrassed… I guess I had never envisaged that I’d be a 39-year-old single mum and not married at this stage of my life. It was actually my 4 year old who got me over the line."

Despite her reservations, Erin admitted she had 'a ball' at the ceremony and by the looks of the photos, so did her fellow brides and guests, who could be seen dancing the day away.

The radio host's followers were also hugely supportive of the idea, with many praising Erin and branding her 'beautiful' in the comments.

One person wrote: "I’m crying!!!! How amazing love love love this beautiful lady."

A second said: "Amazing! You should be so proud girl," while a third follower added: "This is beautiful! You have so much love and support around you!"

"Love this so much," a fourth fan commented with a lovestruck emoji.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@hughesyedanderin/@erin_molan

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