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Influencer who found dream designer wedding dress in charity shop wants to give it to a follower

Influencer who found dream designer wedding dress in charity shop wants to give it to a follower

Ophelia Nichols found her dream wedding dress and was left 'speechless' when she tried it on

It’s no secret that you can find some pretty impressive garments in charity shops.

However, one woman struck gold when she bought a stunning designer wedding dress worth thousands for less than $100 (£84.49).

TikTok influencer Ophelia Nicoles, from Alabama, bagged the dress for only $50 (£42.24) even after she told a worker in the shop that the dress is worth a lot more than its listing price.

The 41-year-old said the dress was from the luxury bridal brand Romona Keveža. When spilling all the details about her latest purchase with her followers in a TikTok shared on Sunday (5 March), Ophelia said the original label on the dress suggested it cost $4,819 (£4064.10). The brand’s current collection of dresses starts at about $3,500 (£2953.72) according to Brides magazine.

The dress is an authentic designer piece.

Ophelia said she ‘felt so bad’ about buying the dress for only $50 but the employee was happy to let her have it for a bargain.

As she is known to her dedicated following of 11.2 million as a kind and caring figure, Ophelia said she wants to give the luxury dress away to one of her followers, whom she lovingly calls ‘tater tots’. She wants to give the dress to someone who is planning to tie the knot but is unable to afford a designer gown.

Ophelia said she remembered preparing for her own big day and scouring through designer magazines, wishing she could afford to treat herself to a high-priced gown.

The original price tag is still attached.

"I cried when I put this dress in my truck because I would have given anything to have this years ago when I got married, and I know that it would mean something to one of you,” she told her followers.

"Sure, I could get it cleaned and sell it on eBay for whatever, but no, I want somebody else to have this experience that I didn't get a chance to have."

The social media influencer intends to give the dress to a fan in the Alabama area so they can try it on to see whether it fits them because it has been altered.

She also filmed herself trying on the dress and gushed about how gorgeous it is.

"This is stunning. This would have been the dress I would have gotten married in. I'm speechless," she shared while twirling.

Ophelia’s fans are urging her to keep the dress and save it in case she decides to renew her vows.

Ophelia was left 'speechless'.

“I think you & Papa Tot should do a vow renewal & then you give it away! It looks stunning on you,” one fan wrote in response to the video.

“The dress is begging for a vow renewal, photo shoot, something before you pass it on,” another fan suggested. “It was made to be worn by you.”

‘Mamatot all your tater tots want you and papa tot to renew your vows. And we’re not going to take no for ur [sic] answer," a third penned.

And a fourth replied: “Renew your vows first, then gift. Two people will win.”

This is so wholesome!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok

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