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People Are Losing It Over This ’Sexist’ Dance Flyer

People Are Losing It Over This ’Sexist’ Dance Flyer


We regret to inform you that society is at it again with its sexist messages to young girls and boys.

The latest in the long list of exhaustive, slut-shaming and misogynistic messages that children are absorbing is this skin-crawling and sickening advice to girls for their ‘first dance’.

Titled ‘First Dance Kit’, which has been issued by a church, the flyer has a list of six rules women must abide by before going to their first prom or formal social event.


The rules were sexist and offensive (
Reddit - Nice Guys)

While the pointers include ‘wearing lipgloss’ and ‘going with girlfriends’, it’s rules two and four that really seemed to rile people up.

Rule two reads (and no, we’re not making this up): “Don’t forget what the approved dress standards are when choosing your outfit. You don’t want the embarrassment of being asked to go home and change. And you don’t want the guy dancing with you to feel uncomfortable because of the questionable outfit that you somehow justified.”

Sure, because it’s all about making men feel comfortable, as opposed to women just expressing themselves.

Girls were taught to 'respect themselves' at the disco (

Meanwhile, rule four reads: “Never say ‘no’ to a guy who had the courage to walk over and ask you to dance in the first place (a song lasts approximately three minutes, it’s not that bad).”

What awful messages to be sending to young girls.

The flyer was posted on the Reddit forum r/NiceGuys, which often looks at sexist and inappropriate behaviour from men.

And naturally, members of the forum were furious about the flyer that was being distributed in 2021.

 “Know your standards but never say no?” one person asked of the flyer’s mixed messages, while a second person wrote: “Girls are taught to not say no, boys get used to not hearing it, but if a woman is raped it's her fault for being a slut or not making her boundaries clear. We can't win.”

Boys and girls are already being taught sexist attitudes (

A third replied: “Wow. So just dress exactly how a guy might want you to, separate yourself from your friends, and don't say no.

“But remember to have standards also. I’d tell them where they can stick their dance!”

A fourth said: “I'm only going to violate your consent for three minutes. Surely you can handle that, multiple times in a row, throughout and entire night and beyond because the adults who write the rules don't know what setting a precedent is, or care.

We’re so tired of young girls being exposed to such toxic messages when they’re so young.

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