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People Are Losing It Over How This Woman Applies SPF


People Are Losing It Over How This Woman Applies SPF

With the hot, sunny weather in the UK set to continue over the weekend and into next week, it's even more important to remember to use SPF sunscreen. TikTok has given us countless beauty hacks and must-try trends during lockdown and now one influencer has unveiled a unique way of applying sunscreen and people can't stop watching.

Maren Reed, who posts using the username @marentreed and is a licensed esthetician and self-proclaimed sunscreen queen, shared a video of her method of applying sunscreen to her face and it has since racked-up over five million views and almost 780,000 likes.

Check it out below:



The video sees Maren sitting in her car, where she squirts a generous splodge of SPF sunscreen into her hands and begins to rub it all over her face, neck, ears and chest.

The sunscreen takes a little while to rub into her skin, leaving her face mostly covered as she rigorously tries to rub it all in. There's so much excess sunscreen Maren even has enough to work into her forearms and hands.

"I look crazy right now," she quips as she watches herself on her phone.

After rubbing the excess SPF sunscreen into her cheeks, chin and forehead, the video skips ahead and all the sunscreen has now been rubbed into her skin leaving it looking smooth and ready for a day out in the sun protected from harmful UV rays.

Maren liberally applied SPF sunscreen all over her face (Credit: marentreed/TikTok)
Maren liberally applied SPF sunscreen all over her face (Credit: marentreed/TikTok)

It's not clear how much time passed between the 'before' and 'after' but we think she was probably there for quite a while. "Okay, we are all rubbed out! Good morning everyone. I hope you wear your SPF today!" she says at the end of the video with a huge smile.

People in the comments were shook by Maren's sunscreen method, with many praising how good the influencer's skin looks as well as the benefits. Although others were more on the fence.

"This made me anxious," one woman wrote.


"I just know you feel sticky after or like slightly slimy," another person said.

A third commenter shared: "That much would break me out so bad."

While a fourth typed: "At the start I was like 'too much' but after seeing how flawless your skin was at the end, I realised I've not been wearing enough."

Before and after (Credit: marentreed/TikTok)
Before and after (Credit: marentreed/TikTok)

Another TikTok user said: "Girl I know your eyeballs burning."

Similarly, one person said: "It's so close to ur eyes I'm nervous for them."

Maren has dozens of videos showing her sunscreen application methods to encourage others to protect their skin from the sun.

After some TikTokers promoted a potentially dangerous, 'sunscreen contour' trend on the social media app, consultant dermatologist Dr. Sreedhar Krishna spoke to Tyla about how sunscreen should be applied. "In order to be effective, sun cream needs to be applied liberally to achieve a sufficient layer of sun protection," she explained.


"Applying it thinly to certain areas will give you a false sense of security but will still leave you vulnerable to sunburn."

Remember your sunscreen!

Featured Image Credit: marentreed/TikTok

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Gregory Robinson
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