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People Are Losing It Over This Woman's NSFW Dress Review

People Are Losing It Over This Woman's NSFW Dress Review

This is hilarious!

When it comes to ordering clothes online, having a good selection of reviews is always mega useful. But one woman left shoppers in hysterics when she shared a rather TMI review of a Shein dress.

One shopper shared a screengrab of the review on Twitter, after coming across it while shopping on the budget site.

"Obsessed with this review of a dress on Shein," she wrote, alongside an image of the review.

The woman shared the review on Twitter (

The review read: "I didn't expect the outcome of this dress... live the material [sic] and that it can stretch, girl I'm getting folded like a burrito TONIGHT... thank you Shein for helping me get more d**k."


The dress in question is a velvet mini in style, with cowl neck and bodycon fit. It's available in eight different colours and is priced at £8.49. You can shop it here.

And it's got some seriously glowing reviews, with another person writing: "I am in love with how this dress fits me! It hugs my curves just right and the material is stretchy and soft. I can't wait to wear it out for date night."

The dress is priced at £8.49 (

While one said: "Nice material, fit amazing you have to get it. The best dress on here so far!! hugs my curves nicely."

And a third added: "This fit into perfection! The measurements are accurate! It didn’t have to stretch nor anything. It really fit like a glove! The inside part of the dress is like satin or a silk like texture. Not velvet like the outside, which is perfect!"

Meanwhile a fourth joked: "Purchase with caution. This dress increases your risk of pregnancy tenfold."

It's had some rave reviews (

Others revealed they would be ordering the dress again in other colours, while one happy shopper admitted they got "so many compliments" while wearing the versatile style.

Certainly sounds like a good buy!

Featured Image Credit: Shein

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