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Woman reveals husband's affair 'saved their marriage'

Woman reveals husband's affair 'saved their marriage'

The woman says her marriage would have ended in divorce if her husband hadn't cheated

Most affairs damage relationships, rather than strengthen them. But one woman has claimed her husband's infidelity actually saved their marriage.

In fact, she said that if he hadn't cheated, their relationship would have almost certainly ended in divorce.

Writing about her marital issues in, the woman explained that although she doesn't condone cheating, she credits it with saving her 24-year relationship.

The mum discovered her partner had been cheating.

She first discovered her husband's affair months earlier, admitting that within 24 hours, she'd 'hired an attorney who drafted and filed divorce papers' within days.

Punishing her husband for his infidelity, the woman explained that she was hell bent on making his life a misery.

"For weeks, I tormented my husband every moment the kids weren’t around," she admitted.

"He became haggard and appeared worn. He came home early every night. My verbal attacks and diatribes were relentless. I was seething with anger and hatred.

"The affair was a bitter betrayal, striking a blow right through my heart. Consumed by a spiteful rage, I plotted to cause as much pain and suffering to both him and his mistress, whom he immediately left when the affair was exposed."

The mum admitted she had already hired a divorce lawyer.
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Exhausted from her grief, the mum revealed that in one heated row, she broke down in tears.

It led to the first proper conversation they'd had since her husband's betrayal and the pair ended up reminiscing about how they were once a great team.

"We remembered why we initially fell in love, and in the process, discovered the love hadn’t totally died," she continued.

"We cried together and forgave each other. My husband admitted he didn’t want a divorce. He wanted to repair our marriage."

Over the following five months, the pair worked hard at their marriage, doing their best to 'be kinder' and have honest communication.

The pair managed to salvage their relationship.
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While the woman admitted that there are 'lingering suspicions' which have been tricky to face at times, the couple are working to save their relationship.

Although the mum recognises that reconciliation isn't for everyone, and all circumstances are different, she also acknowledges her part in 'neglecting their marriage'.

"Filing for divorce shocked us into reality, forcing us to grasp the monumental mistake we were on the verge of making," she added.

"Today, as we continue our journey forward, we understand that the pain of losing each other would have far outweighed the pain caused by the affair."

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