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Single woman offers nearly £4,000 to whoever can find her a husband

Single woman offers nearly £4,000 to whoever can find her a husband

If you know anyone who is single, now's your chance to set them up!

It's no secret that the dating market feels harder than ever to navigate, with all the dating apps and social media platforms on offer.

But with all these options comes a lot of disappointment and wasted time, which may be why Eve Tilley’s plan has gained so much attention online.

We all love a TikTok challenge and Eve has created her own - and there’s even a cash prize of $5,000 (£,3,800)

The 34-year-old singleton from Los Angeles, California, asked the people on TikTok to find her a husband.

It all started when Eve recorded a response to a podcast video about romantic setup, she replied: "I made this bet with my boss a couple of years ago, and I've now added my best friend, her husband, and a couple of other friends, but I feel like I'm going to open it up to the general public.

"The bet is that if you introduce me to my husband and I marry him, I will give you $5,000."

Eve has offered people nearly £4,000 in return for a husband.

Eve revealed her requirements for her future husband as she promised that if her followers that if they were successful they’d be rewarded with a pretty impressive payment.

Eve posted a follow-up clip in which she said her husband-to-be must be between the ages of 27 and 40, he must like sports and be a good communicator. He has to be at least six-foot and have good wit, banter and the ability to poke fun at her.

She also said that she doesn’t want her future man to do any sort of drugs and that she has no preference on where they live - so British men are definitely an option - nor does she care about their political or religious stances.

The trend has definitely caught on over on TikTok, where viewers in the comments are pledging to find Eve a man ASAP.

“Oooo a referral bonus!” one follower commented.

“This is like a recruiter referral fee. I love it,” someone else wrote.

“I wish my sister had this policy… I would be $5000 richer.”

Could you be Eve's matchmaker?

“I’m about to recommend me,” someone else shared in a hilarious bid to find a wife and some extra cash.

“No but this has rom-com potential,” another supportive TikToker wrote.

One user was more on the fence about the method, writing: “This is genius!! But no one I know, knows any quality single men, and it’s been that way for years!”

A final person declared: “I’m about to introduce you to every man I can find.”

We can't wait to see how this turns out!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@ebtilley / Pexels

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