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Woman dumps boyfriend for ‘gross and disturbing’ habit that nearly half of men are guilty of

Jess Hardiman

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Woman dumps boyfriend for ‘gross and disturbing’ habit that nearly half of men are guilty of

Featured Image Credit: Maria Korneeva/Getty Images/Reddit


A woman has admitted she dumped her boyfriend for a ‘gross and disturbing’ habit that nearly half of all men are guilty of.

Moving in with your other half is always an enlightening experience, whether it involves seeing them gulp orange juice straight from the carton or picking their toenails in the comfort of the bed you now share together.



But most of these things never grow into anything worse than mere niggles – quirks that we know we have to put up with, if we want to be accepted for our own...

But one woman found she simply couldn’t see past her boyfriend’s ‘lazy’ habit, and was so turned off that she ended up calling it quits.

Speaking about the matter on Reddit, the woman shared screenshots of a conversation she had with her ex about it.

“My ex and I moved in after 2 years,” she explained.


“This exchange was maybe 3 months in. I only lasted another 5 months before I moved out and dumped him lol.”

In the messages, the Reddit user can be seen asking her boyfriend if he can ‘throw the bedsheets in the wash for her’.

Her suggestion did not go down well. Credit: Reddit
Her suggestion did not go down well. Credit: Reddit

He asks why, to which she responds: “Bc they are dirty? Lol.”


Her boyfriend hits back: “I mean didn’t we wash them last week already.”

The woman points out that ‘that’s the point’, and suggests ‘alternating every week’ so they’re sharing the job.

“Idk how that’s supposed to be fair to me tho,” her partner says.

“They don’t need to be washed every week.


“Ur just creating more work for me lmao.”

It’s at this point that she asks how often he tends to wash his own sheets.

His reply is ‘like once every other month’... ‘If that’.

The woman continued in her Reddit post: “Like I can’t be the only one who think this is absolutely disgusting right? Every 2 months is already really gross. Only twice a year is just f**king NASTY.

She felt it was 'disgusting'. Credit: Reddit
She felt it was 'disgusting'. Credit: Reddit

“He explained he would ‘freshen up’ his sheets by spraying Febreze on them.

"He saw zero problem with this. No wonder my face was always breaking out after sleeping over at his place.”

With regards to his later comments about her ‘being controlling’ and ‘b**ching’ about how he does the laundry, she added: “Also regarding the laundry detergent, he would dump about 6-7 loads worth for a single load.

“We were constantly running out. I moved to tide pods to try to get him to stop, but then I caught him throwing a handful in ?? I had to get my own separate bottle because of how expensive it was.

“This was only the tip of the iceberg too. He also never flushed the toilet. I would walk in and be greeted by his massive dumps. Or step in p**s soaked tile.

“He hid behind the ‘messy roommate’ excuse and panic cleaned before I came over to his place.

“When we discussed moving in and chore habits, he only told me what I wanted to hear. I was bamboozled.

“Before you ask, no he wasn’t depressed. Just super lazy, gross and entitled.”

While many other Redditors agreed that it was disgusting, with one saying their skin was ‘itching’ just by reading about it, sadly it seems this bloke isn’t alone.

A British study released at the beginning of this year revealed that 45 percent of single men admit they wait up to four months to wash their bed sheets.

Another 12 percent said they only wash them when they remember – and God knows how often that is...

The study, which was commissioned by bedding retailer Pizuna, found that men tended to change their sheets much more after they found themselves in a relationship.

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Jess Hardiman
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