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'Young and hot' woman throws divorce party to celebrate end of three-year marriage

'Young and hot' woman throws divorce party to celebrate end of three-year marriage

Ilma Amin paid tributes to her friends for helping her during her divorce by throwing a glam-themed party

A ‘young and hot’ woman threw herself a divorce party to celebrate the end of her three-year marriage.

Ilma Amin, who lives in Tower Hill, London, marked the occasion by having a glam-themed party with 30 of her closest friends after finalising her divorce back in May.

The 28-year-old and her husband of three years called it quits in 2022 after the relationship ‘broke down over time’, but she says her friends showed her ‘unconditional love’ during the breakup.

Ilma says she threw the divorce party to celebrate their friendship after they cooked for her, let her couch surf and offered their shoulders for her to cry on during her lowest moments.

Ilma Amin celebrated her divorce by throwing a massive party.
Kennedy News and Media

The business analyst called the party ‘the perfect night’ which helped her get over being a 28-year-old divorcée.

However, the party left her dealing with both a hangover and another breakup - as she was dumped by her new boyfriend of eight months just 48 hours later.

Now newly single again, Ilma claims she has 'sworn off' younger men because they're 'stingy' and asks why she should have to split the bill on a date when they have the 'prettiest girl in the restaurant - me'.

Ilma had a cake inspired by the one in Taylor Swift's 'Blank Space' music video.
Kennedy News and Media

Ilma shared her 'divorce party must-haves' to TikTok, in a viral post that received nearly 980,000 views, more than 180,000 likes and 860 comments.

Ilma said: "It was the most perfect night ever. I never got to have that white wedding, so the party was me having it. It was like a bachelorette party and a white wedding all at once."

Part of the celebration was inspired by Taylor Swift, Ilma said.

“I had a full bouquet and I threw it to the next person that's going to get divorced,” she explained. “I had speeches, divorce maids and my best men.

"The question mark ring shows that I'm not done. I'm obviously going to get married again, so who's next? Who dares to be my next husband?

"If I need attention, I'll wear the ring out and say, 'reckon you can hack it?' Or maybe on first dates."

Ilma's friends supported her during her divorce.
Kennedy News and Media

Ilma continued: "The cake was inspired by the heart cake from the 'Blank Space' music video by Taylor Swift.

"I thought I'd put something witty on the cake, and 'legally single' is funny.”

Ilma said she plans to get married in her 30s and despite having a great time at her divorce party, she’s hoping to avoid going through another one in the future.

She said: "I'm so young and hot, the stigma is kind of funny. When I drop the bombshell that I'm divorced it's entertaining.

"Sometimes when I have days when I'm sad about the divorce, people don't take it seriously because they're so used to me having a laugh about it.

"The days leading up to the divorce party I was crying every day. I was happy that I'm not with him but I never thought I'd be a divorced person at 28.”

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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