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Woman disgusted and considering divorce after finding out husband won bet to take her virginity

Woman disgusted and considering divorce after finding out husband won bet to take her virginity

She said she felt 'crushed' when she found out and is now considering getting a divorce

A woman has admitted she’s considering divorce after finding out her husband won a bet to take her virginity, saying she felt ‘crushed’ and ‘disturbed’ when she discovered the truth about their relationship’s early days.

As romance starts blossoming, many of us feel we have to tell a few harmless white lies to our prospective other half.

But often it’s just pretending to like highbrow arthouse films when actually you’re just obsessed with Vanessa Hudgens Christmas movies, or making out you’re a good cook when your favourite dinner is secretly turkey dinosaurs and chips... and that pasta dish you made on the third date was actually just shipped in from M&S.

However, one woman had the shock of her life when she found out the beginnings of her relationship weren’t actually what she’d been led to believe.

The woman had no idea about the bet.
Foundry Co/Pixabay

Writing in the Atlanta Black Star, she explained how she’d been working in a call centre in her early 20s when she met her now-husband.

“It was loud and rowdy, and all of the employees were young and rambunctious, and we spent most of our time passing the hours with inappropriate conversations,” she recalled.

Somehow, it ‘became public knowledge’ among employees that she was the daughter of a preacher and was a ‘virgin’.

“I expected that information to cause me to be ostracised, but it actually had the opposite effect,” the woman said.

“The guys on the floor started showing me a great deal of attention, and I became a very hot commodity.

“I remember being weary of all of them except for one guy in particular, who just seemed a little different from the rest.

“I actually gave him my number, and we would spend endless hours on the phone talking about everything and nothing.”

The rest is history, as they say - or it would have been, had she not found out about a detail he’d missed out.

The woman continued: “I would go on to marry this gentleman, and we started a family together as a very young couple.

“One day, I was at a party with one of our mutual friends who worked in the call centre with us a decade ago, and he let it slip out that there had been a bet in the call centre when we all worked there.

“Apparently, my husband, Thomas, was a part of the bet to see who could take my virginity. I was crushed and really disturbed by the admission."

She said she felt 'crushed'.
Felipe Cespedes/Pexels

When she got home, she ‘confronted’ her husband about the information she’d just received.

“He admitted that there had, in fact, been a bet but that it was just a childish thing between men,” she said.

“He said that even though he was motivated by the bet when he got to know me, he fell in love with me and doesn’t regret tying the knot.

“I made it clear how I felt about him for going as far as to marry me just to win a bet and take my virginity.

“I found it to be crude and downright disgusting and told him so. He became defensive and accused me of overreacting and decided to turn his back on me and go back to sleep.

“I have spoken to my parents about the matter and am considering divorce.”

In a heartbreaking question to readers, she added: “Am I being overly sensitive about a foolish and immature bet, or do I have grounds for dissolving our marriage?"

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