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Woman divides opinion after admitting she lets her husband sleep with other women

Woman divides opinion after admitting she lets her husband sleep with other women

She revealed how many people she'd 'shared' her husband with so far this year

A content creator has divided opinion online after admitting she lets her husband sleep with other women, saying the bold decision is a relatively recent development in their relationship.

Honey Brooks, an OnlyFans star and influencer from Australia, posted a video on Instagram and TikTok explaining the unusual agreement she has with her supposed other half.

She recalled how she would have never seen herself allowing her husband to have sex with ‘multiple women’, but now wonders if she enjoys the set-up even more than he does.

They even record ‘most’ of the x-rated encounters to watch them back 'over and over'.

Honey said: “I have shared my husband with 16 people so far this year.


“If you told me 12 months ago that I was going to be sharing my husband with multiple women, I wouldn’t believe it."

She said she will always join her husband and the other woman in the bedroom, adding: “The funny thing about it is I am the one who is obsessed."

“My husband always thinks it’s ‘cool’ or ‘whatever,’ but I’m always thinking of the women we can do.”

Honey Brooks is an influencer and OnlyFans star.

Honey then joked: “I’m pretty sure I enjoy the girls more than my husband does - he just comes along for the ride.”

She said she's ‘on the prowl’ for the next woman to join her and her husband, and has no intention of stopping anytime soon.

But while Honey is adamant that the open nature of the marriage works for them, her followers were divided.

One in favour of the idea commented: “My partner is so chill about it also & I'm obsessed like pretty much crave it I thought I was the only one.”

Someone else said: “This is fascinating: a decade ago I would have been quite singleminded in my opposition to the idea. These days I’d marry a p*rn star. Love & s*x are not the same and it took a ruinous relationship with a narcissist to show me that. What I thought was love was just sex to her, and a means to manipulate me. Good for you, as long as you’re both coming at it from a good place then long may your marriage prosper…”

She said she has shared her husband with 16 people so far this year.

But, thankfully, someone else wrote: “Remember when a wedding and marriage actually meant something?”

Another quipped: “Tune in next year for her newly divorced videos.”

While another summarised the situation by stating: ”You enjoy it a lot more because it's become ‘your’ thing. It's great in the moment but it spirals downward... Have you asked him if it's something he wishes to continue? Eventually he's going to want you back or nothing at all ooor he's going to meet a woman whom he'll desire more than you and you'll be "along for the ride" and won't like it. Either way- it won't last forever because it dishonors your marriage. If you really love him, you might want to bow out gracefully while you can and keep your man!”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@honeyybrooks6

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