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Woman horrified at discovering late husband was cheating on her by telling 'girlfriends' she was dead

Woman horrified at discovering late husband was cheating on her by telling 'girlfriends' she was dead

The TikTok star's story has left her followers SHOOK

Discovering your other-half is playing away is one of the most stomach-wrenching experiences known to man.

The trust disappears within a matter of seconds, and the person you thought you'd fallen in love is gone forever.

But for one woman in America who made this life-shattering discovery, the shocking news came in the form of a double-whammy to the heart.

Already drowning in grief after having recently lost her husband, the TikTok mum's life quickly went from bad to worse, after she found out he'd been cheating on her prior to his untimely death.

The widow - who goes by @cherrybombsquad007 on the video-sharing app - was absent-mindedly going through her late life-partner's computer one day, three years after he unexpectedly passed away.

Her heart sank when she quickly stumbled across intimate messages he'd exchanged with numerous other women.

But on top of this tragic realisation - something that she never expected to discover - was that he'd told these mystery that she, his wife, had passed away herself.

The women opened up on some of the messages she discovered on her husband's computer.

Sharing her story on social media - in a video which has since accumulated over 2 million views - the stay-at-home mum and former nursing assistant revealed she came across a 'huge amount of chat feeds with different girlfriends'.

'Cherry bomb' also found out that he'd spent a huge portion of money sending these women various extravagant gifts, and had dropped another pretty penny getting premium access to X-rated sites, on which he met his lucky ladies.

Even more harrowing for her, however, were the excuses she saw he'd made regarding her 'ill health'.

Reading out some of his messages, she told viewers: "She was in an accident and she’s in a coma I’m all alone."

A second saw him claim: "My wife just [died] I’m a single dad."

In another case, the late husband had even told one of his many mistresses that his wife had left him for another man (...ironic!).

"I just have such a loveless marriage," another saw him claim.

And apparently, just as 'Cherry bomb' was preparing to shut down her husband's computer - traumatised from her head-spinning discovery - one of the women he'd had an affair with actually messaged him, begging: "I miss you so much baby FaceTime tonight."

The seemingly infuriated mum then told viewers: "Realizing I never really knew the real him."

Though the truth in the mum's claims haven't yet been confirmed, millions of viewers have since expressed their thoughts on the matter in the comment section.

One teased: "Did he actually die? Or is he lying about that too"

And a second went on to joke: "The way I would have removed his tombstone so he’d be forgotten"

Others went on to recall their own, similarly horrific stories.

Viewers went on to recall their own similar stories.

"I met my husband's PREGNANT girlfriend while he was in a coma. he woke up to us both at the foot of the bed," one revealed.

Another lucky viewer: "my husband's search history were 'books to help my anxious wife' and 'how to help my wife grieve after I die' - Fell in love with him all over again."

A third continued: "Went through the same thing. He passed, he had a girlfriend, online dating, video games chats. I felt embarrassed, heartbroken, angry. It's a lot."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@cherrybombsquad007

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