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Woman breaks down in tears for not being married with children at 30

Woman breaks down in tears for not being married with children at 30

Posting an emotional video to TikTok, the woman can be seen crying about being 30 with no husband or kids.

Dating is tough, and I don't think there is any single person on the planet right now who would deny that.

However, for one woman in particular, the struggles of single life seem to have taken their toll.

Although more and more women these days are abstaining from traditional family values and opting to not have children, others are taking drastic measures to find that elusive one.

This 30-year-old Nigerian woman took to TikTok to shed more than a few tears about being unmarried at 30 with no children.

Singing along to the song 'Alone' by Neeja, the woman captioned the video: "Let my man come see me crying on TikTok."

The overlay text read: "I've been listening to this song but, this one hits me so hard.

"30 years old, No husband No child No family yet."

Don't worry hun, it will get better.

And many people in the comments were quick to share their same situation of being thirty-something with no such Norman Rockwell lifestyle in sight.

One commented: "My dear I'm 34 no child no husband but I still believe God is working on my case and he will surly give me d best so stop cry cos isn't yet over [sic]."

With another in agreement adding: "Hey sis I am also 30 year no husband no child yet but I believe we will all have a good testimony very soon pls don't cry I love you."

Women supporting women, we love to see it.

However, others were quick to point out how not all that glitters is gold, with some even sharing their relationship horror stories in the comments.

Don't cry hun.
Instagram @mediagist / TikTok @darway8

One woman shared how she had married young and 'lost her husband' and has '3 children'.

It might not be all bad news for the teary-eyed queen as since the video was reposted to Instagram, many men in the comments have tried shooting their shot and asking to slide into her DMs.

Ahh, the beauty of social media. Now, I can't comment on the quality of said men in the comments but the point is that you never know who you'll meet or when.

Although it may seem bleak for the singleton now, when it comes to love, anything is possible.

Just look at Maya Jama and Stormzy.

Their break up was national news and now the two seem to have rekindled their romance, much to fans excitement.

So, if they can find love in each other again after the whole country had their say in their relationship drama, then there really is hope for this woman - and the rest of us.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram / @mediagist / TikTok / @darway8

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