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Stormzy makes surprise cameo in Maya Jama's video days after 'confirming' relationship

Stormzy makes surprise cameo in Maya Jama's video days after 'confirming' relationship

They appear to be back together again and he's even been in one of her videos

Fans of Maya Jama and Stormzy are absolutely feasting right now as the couple appear to have reunited.

While they broke up a few years ago, they were recently pictured holding hands while out and about on holiday together, like exes who are still exes definitely don't do.

Some fans reckon they saw the signs that the Love Island presenter and musician were back together even before the holiday photos.

People don't think it's at all a coinky-dink that both were posting pictures of themselves enjoying some time off in bar with a bamboo thatched roof, with internet sleuths convinced they were in the same place enjoying each other's company.

The couple were later seen boarding a private yacht together, another rather clear sign that they were growing closer.

It's just a video of Maya Jama getting a glass of water... or so we thought!

Now those eagerly awaiting the next piece of evidence that Stormzy and Maya Jama (what do we call them, Mayzy, JamStorm?) are back together need look no further than a recent video she posted to her Instagram Story.

Maya was filming herself getting a glass of water from a snazzy-looking machine that she was 'really impressed with' when someone else's voice rumbled through the video saying: "It's really good."

Now you've got to ask yourself the question - who else it could be but Stormzy, as it really sounded like the iconic rapper so either Maya is pouring fancy water with a Stormzy soundalike or the man himself was right there with her.

Unfortunately, we didn't get to see his face in the video but fans of the pair will be loving this latest update.

She's already got her fans asking where Stormzy is with every Instagram post she makes so perhaps next time she'll go the whole hog and show him off.

Maya Jama's fans want to know if Stormzy is really on holiday with her, they've been pictured together.

Her Instagram followers keep commenting that they're 'looking for Stormzy' and even people who claim they don't get invested in celebrity couples (though they obviously do) have said they're 'so waiting to see the photo'.

Others joked that in Maya's pictures of herself on holiday it was Stormzy holding the camera, with one person saying they 'want to cry with happiness' if it's confirmed that he's holidaying with her.

Someone else wrote that they were waiting for Stormzy's next social media update so they could 'match up the pictures'.

While they broke up in 2019, Stormzy said he 'never loved anyone how I've loved her', which is unbelievably sweet.

He once told Louis Theroux: "My break-up, that was probably the biggest catalyst for growth as a man.

"It was like, OK, you made a mistake and you lose someone you loved, someone you cared for, someone who is special to you."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/MayaJama

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