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Woman stunned after discovering boyfriend slept with female friend as her 'final dying wish'

Woman stunned after discovering boyfriend slept with female friend as her 'final dying wish'

She only found out after a friend let it slip

A woman was stunned to find out her boyfriend slept with a female friend as her ‘final dying wish’, having only discovered what happened after she passed away.

Taking to Reddit last week, the 22-year-old woman said her boyfriend hadn’t told her that he’d ‘had sex with his dying friend’.

"We were together when it happened,” she said, adding that her partner is ‘still depressed’ about the death, while she feels ‘jealous’ and doesn’t know what to do.

The woman explained how she wouldn’t have found out if one of their mutual friends ‘didn’t slip’.

"My boyfriend and the girl did it when they were on vacation with other friends,” she wrote.

“She had a terminal illness and is dead now. I'm confident that he was never attracted to her.

“They never had a relationship beyond that. She did have a secret crush on him though. She was the little sister of their friend group.

“This incident happened late Nov or December 2021. She died in March 2022.”

She said she's now struggling with jealousy.
Trương Hoàng Huy Ngân from Pixabay

The Reddit user said the death ‘really shook him’ and that he’d been struggling mentally over the past year - putting his friend passing away as the ‘catalyst’.

While the jealousy is ‘eating’ her up, she feels she cannot talk about it.

“I just know that it wasn't just f**king,” she continued.

“They totally had emotional sex because of her condition. I don't even know who initiated it. It was probably something like how she didn't want to die a virgin.”

The girlfriend said their relationship was ‘otherwise perfect’, and that he’s always been a good partner ‘even when he’s at his lowest low’.

"I had bad episodes before and the lowest of low points,” she said.

“He was the first who stood by me. My family is strict and didn't approve of us but he tried hard to win even my extended family over.

The two friends had sex as a final dying wish.
JayMantri from Pixabay

“We've been together for more than 3 years and have known each other since high school. No history of infidelity from both parties.

“I don't know if I can talk to him about this. I don't want to push him to the brink. But I'm also afraid that he might be dismissive of my feelings. What to do?”

Naturally, Redditors had A LOT to say about the predicament, with many saying they could understand her pain.

One commented: “No, No, No. he shouldn’t have sex with his best friend no matter what. This is cheating.”

Someone else said: “What is worse is he never even told you. Sorry, no excuses for a cheat.”

Taking the opposite stance, a third wrote: “I don't know how I feel about this, but this is just a bonkers take. She was literally terminally ill. There’s a vast chasm between ‘we're all on our way out’ and ‘she died 4 months later from her terminal illness’.”

Featured Image Credit: Bumuratdeniz/Vladmir Vladimirov/Getty Images

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