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Woman with nine months left to live asks husband if she can sleep with ex one last time

Woman with nine months left to live asks husband if she can sleep with ex one last time

A man has taken to social media in for advice after his wife made a shocking last dying wish.

A man has taken to social media in search for advice after his wife made a shocking last dying wish.

For some, their last dying wish may be to go to the Maldives, take a hot air balloon ride, go to Disneyland or get married, but for one woman, there was something - or rather someone - else playing on her mind.

As many do when they have a question too gobsmacking to turn to friends or family about, a husband took to Reddit to enlist the help of his fellow social media users after his wife made her dying wish to sleep with one of her exes. Yes, you read that right.

A husband opened up on Reddit about his wife's dying wish.
Pexels/ Andrea Piacquadio

Taking to the platform anonymously, the man explained his wife was diagnosed with a terminal disease and 'projected to live at most, nine months'.

He explained the diagnosis left him 'destroyed' - the pair having been together for nearly 10 years.

The post continues: "I don’t remember life without her and I don’t know what I’m going to do when she’s gone. I have been doing my best to make the last days of her life good and grant whatever wish I can."

With doctors having told his wife she'll likely need a wheelchair in as little as 'four to five months,' expecting her to be bedridden by the eighth month for 'the last few weeks,' the Redditer's wife decided to make that dying wish - but it was far from what the husband could ever have anticipated.

His wife asked for permission to sleep with an ex.
Pexels/ Pavel Danilyuk

The husband explains his wife sat him down and revealed 'one of the last things she wanted to do was have sex with a previous partner of hers'.

"I of course was shocked and when I asked why the f**k she wants that," he continues. "So basically she thinks that her most physically compatible satisfying lover was him. She gave a whole monologue about how sex sometimes is just physical and how emotionally fulfilling sex is with me but it was bulls**t to get to that point."

The husband explained he was subsequently left with a conundrum - 'deny [his] dying wife a wish for [his] own ego, or let her go f**k another man who she feels was better'.

The husband was left conflicted.
Pexels/ cottonbro studio

He lamented how 'pissed off' and 'betrayed' he felt when she revealed her dying wish.

"I feel like I’m put in a position where I have to say yes because she’s dying," he adds.

The husband admitted he 'knows' what he 'want[s] to say' but doesn't 'know if that's right'.

"I’m so hurt that sex with an ex was apparently so good that she needs to do it once before she dies. I just hate everything about this."

While he didn't ask his fellow Redditers 'Am I the A**hole?' another user re-shared his post and subsequently posed the question for him. The re-poster noted the 'hypothetical ending would be that he said no' to his wife's dying wish.

But what do the other Redditers think?

The post received floods of comments, most strongly agreeing the husband is not the a**hole in the situation.

Redditers rushed to support the husband.
Reddit/ AITAH

One user wrote: "Well if she wants to do it, he should leave her and get a divorce of separate from her. Let her have sex with her ex and when she comes back because she needs help in her last few months - tell her to go ask her ex to help her. You don’t deserve this dude, I would be crushed If my partner asked me this.

"But yeah it’s a terrible memory to be left with but I would probably not even be able to stay with that person if they had told me that was what they wanted to do."

And another added: "I would say NTA, just because someone is terminally ill does not mean that they can dump this onto their partner even though they internally know that is is wrong.

"When they committed to their partner, I would assume that they never intended to have any more sexual encounters with their ex for the rest of their life. This does not change because the end of their life is sooner than they anticipated."

A third user commented two months ago, noting they'd saved the original post by the husband but 'never saw an update'.

They resolved: "It’s been more than nine months. I hope OP is doing okay if this was all real."

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