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Wife responds to backlash from friends over ‘lying’ and ‘cheating’ husband

Wife responds to backlash from friends over ‘lying’ and ‘cheating’ husband

The TikToker is married to a well-known former NFL star

A woman has responded to the backlash from her friends about her partner, who they warned her was a ‘lying, cheating, hot-tubbing womanizer’.

She’s called on others to simply ‘follow your heart’ and block out the noise, having dished up some key relationship advice – sparking a debate in the process:

Josie Leinart (@josieleinart) is an attorney from LA who regularly posts about family life, sharing everything from relatable parenting content to outfit inspo.

In a video posted last year, the mum-of-two decided to dish up some advice after going against warnings from her own friends, with the clip prompting some divided reaction in the comments.

“Consider this your PSA to follow your heart and block out the noise,” the caption said.

She urged others to 'block out the noise'.

In the clip, Leinart explained that her pals had previously warned her to stay away from her now-husband, having worried he wouldn’t treat her right.

"When everyone told me to stay away from my now husband because he was a lying, cheating, hot-tubbing womanizer,” she said.

But it turns out Leinart made the right call listening to her own intuitions, adding: "10 years, two kids, and still the best decision I've ever made."

She also recommended that others follow their intuition when it comes to love, having eventually found happiness with husband Matt - a former NFL star - who also has a son from a previous relationship.

She's married to former NFL star Matt Leinart.

But not everyone agreed with Leinart’s approach; while some came forward with their own success stories, others felt it was wise to approach with caution.

One person commented: “Everyone said we’d not make it but we absolutely shut out the noise. It's been 23 years and still as madly in love.”

Another wrote: “Oh my goodness! Are we the same person?! Haha I had people warn me about my now husband and we have two kids and will be married 10 years in June.”

The couple have been happily married for 10 years.

A third joked: "When it's the right girl, they become the man they need to be."

But one other warned: “You are one of the lucky ones... Usually where there is smoke there’s fire.”

Someone else added: “But also – don't blame the messenger if they were trying to help. You made a choice with all the facts and that’s such a gift.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@josieleinart

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