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Woman shares five things men do when they're not interested in you

Woman shares five things men do when they're not interested in you

She took to TikTok to share her rundown

For any singletons out there beyond baffled by the dating scene - worry no more as one woman has come to the rescue and shared five things men apparently do when they're not interested in you.

Now, we all know about submarining, bread-crumbing and even getting 'zombied', but it appears people all over have a whole lot more on their hands than simply getting 'vultured' - or even getting stuck in the dreaded 'Ben stage'.

Sarah Lauren, who goes by the handle @sarahlauren71 online, took to TikTok to share with her 383.9k followers the handful of warning signs to look out for when you're in the early stages of dating.

In the TikTok, Sarah began by explaining: "Things guys do when they don't like you - and by don't like you I mean not trying to pursue you to be more than a fling, a hookup, a situationship."

Number one was only 'weekend or night text you'.

"If they only hit you up on the weekends, that's their fun time and that's their time that they don't got much going on," Sarah continued.

"They could be looking for somebody, looking for some fun, little weekend plan, little weekend fling," she went on before claiming if a bloke only texts you at night it's a 'booty call'.

Sarah's second red flag involved date setting.

"If all you see is his bedroom, that is the only place in his life he wants you to see," she said. "He just wants to hook up and he is not bringing you out on dates.

"He's not showing you his friends. He's not bringing you to dinners, taking you out on those dinner dates or even just to his friends pre, whatever it is, if he's not doing that, he doesn't want you to see that or be involved with his life in that manner."

One woman shared a handful of warning signs to look out for when a man is not interested.

Third up is if he's a 'bad texter'.

Sarah told viewers: "Any guy will text you and find time and make time to text you if they want to and if they're interested and if they want to pursue you and if not, they'll call you.

"So they will make time to put that effort in and if they don't, and he's a 'bad texter'? No sweetheart, he's not a 'bad texter' he's just not that interested in you."


Fourth on the list is if the guy you're chatting to 'doesn't make real plans' then he's apparently not that into you.

"If he's interested in you, he will make that plan and pursue it and do something special for you because he wants you to be his and not anyone else's," Sarah added.

"So he doesn't want you to have that chance to be on a date with somebody else, he will be asking you and checking in on you about what you're doing."

Sarah's video has gone viral on TikTok.

And last, but certainly not least, follows number five on the rundown.

According to Sarah, if your 'man' is not asking you what you've been up to, what you've been doing, where you're going this weekend or with who then he's not that interested.

The TikToker added: "He's not even jealous so means that he doesn't care if you're with somebody else.

"So if your 'man' does any of these five things, please girl, build a roster, build a team, build other options because that is what you deserve."

Sarah captioned the clip: "Start building the team."

The two-minute clip has since gone viral after clocking up more than 3.3 million views on the platform with hundreds upon hundreds of people rushing to share their own horror stories about navigating the sometimes weirder than wonderful world of dating.

One TikTok user revealed: "He texted me all day everyday, took me to nice dinner dates, kissed me, kissed my hand and forehead and thennnn ghosted me."

A second victim to the spooky treatment admitted: "He kissed my forehead, hand, and cheek and ghosted me."

"He did none of this and still ghosted me," echoed a third.


Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@sarahlauren71

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