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Women are realising they are not the only ones confused about men’s 'common' shower habit

Women are realising they are not the only ones confused about men’s 'common' shower habit

Girls, have you noticed if your partner does this?

As a girl, there are several ritualistic things we tend to do whilst in the shower.

We all know by now that globally-recognised 'everything showers' consist of shampooing twice, scalp scrub, hair mask, conditioning, exfoliating your fake tan off, body scrubbing and eventually, shaving here, there and everywhere.

And to get every element of this extensive to-do list ticked off, you need to set aside at least 45 minutes.

On the other hand, lazy girl showers tick off the bare minimum - hair gets shoved into a shower cap, teeth are bushed and face is washed amongst the bubbles before your body is rapidly ran over by a loofer, all within the space of around six minutes.

If the difference between these two rituals confuses you, then my guess is that you're a man...

Because let's face it, the step-by-step process of a uniquely designed shower is just one of those girly things that we thrive upon.

When it comes men's showers, however, apparently there is one secret element to their very own procedures that has left women utterly baffled.

In fact, it turns out that a handful of girls have been living in fear that it's only their boyfriends that carry out this particularly unusual act of hygiene, and many have now bonded over the fact that they're not the only ones forced to endure the knowledge of it.

Apparently, ALL men do this. (Bernd Vogel/Getty Images)
Apparently, ALL men do this. (Bernd Vogel/Getty Images)

Sharing the bizarre ritual online, one woman gushed: "Glad I found this. I feel in peace now that I am not the only one going through this kind of stuff."

Another said: "Hahaha this makes me laugh so much. What’s wrong with them please tell me hahaha."

A third laughed: "You are not alone!"

And a fourth added: "Lmao. Why is this true though. Why do they spend so much time in the bathroom?! Lol."

While a fifth chimed in: "If this ain't the truth! Painfully relatable."

'But WHAT could be so weird that girlfriends and wives all over the country have been left scarred by?', I hear you ask. 'What could possibly be driving the female population to the brink?'.

Well, apparently, after switching on the hot water and letting the room fill up with steam, men often decide this is the perfect time to go No. 2...

Many blokes have confirmed the speculation. (Bernd Vogel/Getty Images)
Many blokes have confirmed the speculation. (Bernd Vogel/Getty Images)

I'm sorry to break it to you girlies, but it's true.

If you've noticed that your feller is delaying movie night by seemingly taking forever to get clean, but you haven't yet heard his wet feet splashing around upstairs, the chances are, he hasn't even stepped under the water yet.

Chiming in on the debate and confirming women's fears, one bloke wrote on social media: "That’s so me."

Another admitted: "I speak for all husbands on here, it takes about 15-20 mins to get the right temperature."

A third confessed: "Best time to take a dump is when you’re about to shower."

Featured Image Credit: Bernd Vogel/Getty Images/Catherine Falls Commercial/Getty Images

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