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Woman discovers her husband is her cousin three years after they got married

Woman discovers her husband is her cousin three years after they got married

The couple from Utah, USA, have been married for over three years

When it comes to marrying your soulmate, you usually know everything there is to know about them.

From their favourite side of the bed to how much milk they like in their tea, it’s the little everyday things you share that make you so perfect.

And as your relationship grows, you learn more and more, opening up about your thoughts and feeling.

So, you’d think after three years of married bliss, a couple would know about each others' families.

Not for this pair – who realised they already are family.

The TikTok couple revealed that they’ve realised they’re actually cousins.

Nick and Tylee shared their realisation in a now-viral video, writing: “I wish I was kidding.”

Playing ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ the couple from Utah, US, kiss as the in-video text reads: “Over 3 years into marriage and we just found out we are cousins.”

The pair have since opened up about more ‘silly goofy facts’ about their marriage, as they reveal they share the same birthday and ‘people think we look alike’.

Nick and Tylee on TikTok.

A lot of users were quick to ask Nick and Tylee if they’re still married after finding out they’re cousins, after the video racked up well over five million views.

The couple wrote: “We have thought about it real hard and our answer is..”

Giving their answer, the video uses the ‘Skibidi Bop Yes’ sound, which repeats ‘yes’.

While many users were shocked by the revelation, one wrote: “I mean… getting divorced won’t change you were with your cousin to begin with so what would be the point.”

And another said: “They are probably like 7th cousins or something.”

Nick and Tylee have been married for three years.

Others also pointed out: “I mean tbh most married royals past and present were/are cousins so you should be fine!!”

But one wrote: “It’s OK to keep some things between the two of you.”

Nick and Tylee are yet to reveal how they made this discovery or just how closely they are related as cousins.

It’s not uncommon for couples to make discoveries about their family links – it even happened on Married at First Sight.

Ollie and Tahnee first laid eyes on each other as they met on their wedding day but during the reception, guests reportedly started to recognise each other.

And they realised something wasn’t quite right.

Eventually, the newlyweds discovered that Tahnee’s brother-in-law is Ollie’s second cousin.

So, turns out they weren’t related by blood, but there were a lot of mutuals at the wedding. Eerie.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@tyleewaters

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