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Woman abandoned by date and left to foot £150 bill after she ordered 48 oysters

Woman abandoned by date and left to foot £150 bill after she ordered 48 oysters

She sent the man a furious message after he ran out leaving her with the bill

A woman who ordered four dozen oysters on a first date was left to foot the bill after the man did a runner. Awkward.

TikTok user @equanaaa visited the Fontaine’s Oyster House in Atlanta with a man who had been keen to take her out on a date for some time.

Once there, she decided to make the most of the restaurant’s signature dish and ordered herself a plate of 12 oysters costing $15 apiece - and she enjoyed them so much she ordered another three plates, much to her date’s surprise.

In the clip, she explains: “Y’all, when the fourth [plate] came out, he was looking at me crazy. I didn’t give a f**k.

“I’m like, ‘Baby, you invited me out. I’m going to eat.'” Fair point, well made.

But she didn’t stop there - she also tucked into crab cakes and potatoes, all washed down with lemon drop martinis.

However, at some point after the bill landed on their table, her date excused himself and said he needed to use the toilet - except he didn’t come back.

The woman text the man about ‘running out’ on her.
TikTok/ @equanaaa

Equana then text the man to let him know she wasn’t impressed, telling him: “Running out on a tab is crazyyy.”

In response the man stood by his actions, pointing out that she ordered ‘all that food’ and offering to pay for the drinks.

“I offered to take you out for drinks and you ordered all that food,” he wrote back. “I can CashApp the total for the drinks.”

The clip has since gone viral online with many people shook by how many oysters Equana was able to knock back.

One person said: “I’m sorry but 48 oysters as an appetizer got me screaming.”

Another commented: “48 oysters to yourself is insane.”

A third joked: “Idk what’s worse, the 48 oysters as an APPETIZER or the insane slurping and smacking.”

She ordered four plates of oysters.
TikTok/ @equanaaa

Someone else commented: “The flash, the moaning, the ‘what I’m ‘bout to eat’ after 50 oysters. YO IM HOLLERING.”

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Fontaine’s general manager Kelcey Flanagan, who was working that night, said: “I will say, it had been a minute since I had a single female eat that many.

“But then, you know, she was eating crackers and things like that. But yeah, she put it away. It’s pretty impressive.”

Hitting back at claims it was staged, she added: “No, this happens all the time.

“People already think it's guerrilla marketing and it’s just like, it’s just Atlanta. You can’t make it up.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@equanaaa

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