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Women testing their boyfriends by asking them one simple question

Women testing their boyfriends by asking them one simple question

'Name a woman'

Alongside Zara hauls and viral dances, TikTok is full to the brim with dating trends and tests designed to see if your beau is a keeper.

And the latest test splashed across our ForYou pages sees women asking their boyfriends one simple question, with wildly varying results.

Back in November, TikTok user @taniatotanesmartinez posted a video prompting users to ask their partners to 'name a woman.'

She says that their response to the question would be very telling about the strength of the relationship, with a psychologist telling Business Insider that it's designed to 'tap into their partner's brain' and see who's at the forefront of their mind.

Thousands have given it a try, with the hashtag #nameawoman being viewed more than 100 million times.

But, Tania says very few have answered the question 'correctly,' saying, "If that guy says any other name than yours, you should start a fight.

“If your man doesn’t say your name when asked if he can name a woman, dump his a**."

Answers to the viral trend have included everyone from Taylor Swift to Anne Frank to random women.

One reaction, that has since gone viral, saw Sierra ask her husband the famous question, to which he seems skeptical, responding: "What do you mean by a woman?"

"Just name the name of a woman... any woman's name."

Woman all over TikTok have been asking their partners to 'name a woman.'

He finally replies, "Like Hazel? She's a woman."

"Like as in our dog?" she asks, before panning the camera to their pup.

"Can't argue with that!!" she captioned the short clip.

And, while her husband's answer wasn't the trend's original intention, commenters below the clip, which has been viewed 4.8 million times, found it really wholesome.

One user wrote: "This is the ultimate green flag in my eyes,' while another said: "This went the total opposite way... but it was the best wrong turn ever."

And a third commented: "Good choice. Keep going."

Others made jokes about the dog's reaction, quipping: "Hazel up there like 'that's right honey don't forget it.'"

Answers to the viral question have varied wildly, with one man wholesomely saying his dog's name.

The 'name a woman' trend is just one of many relationship tests to take over TikTok recently.

Another viral test, the 'orange peel theory' involves asking your partner to do a small task for you that you're perfectly capable of doing on your own.

TikToker Anna Birmingham, explains that their reaction to the question 'reveals so much about their attitude towards you and your relationship.'

And, while it might seem trivial, the trend has actually caused couples to break up, with one woman explaining that it helped her realised how lazy and ungiving her former partner was. Yikes!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@taniatotanesmartinez

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