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Girlfriend shares her 10 'controversial' rules for being in a relationship

Girlfriend shares her 10 'controversial' rules for being in a relationship

A TikToker has divided social media users after revealing the 10 'controversial' relationship rules she and her boyfriend follow.

A TikToker has divided social media users after revealing the 10 'controversial' relationship rules she and her boyfriend follow.

Most people can agree relationships should be founded on mutual respect. The question is, how do you make sure both people upkeep the respect and what levels of respect are we talking about here?

Well, one TikToker has revealed her and her partner came up with a list of rules they both follow to make sure their relationship runs smoothly.

Gia - 'ur bestfriend who gives u advice' - and her boyfriend have been together an impressive six years so clearly they're doing something right, but social media users have been left conflicted.

Do you think these rules are 'controversial'?
TikTok/ @giaaldisert

The first rule Gia and her boyfriend have both maintained throughout their six years together is always having their phone location turned on.

The 21-year-old TikToker explains this is mainly for 'safety' concerns, but is also simply 'convenient' to check where the other is or when they may be coming home.

"Also neither of us have anything to hide, it would be kind of suspicious if we didn't want each other to see the other's location," she adds.

One rule applies more specifically to Gia's boyfriend - him not being allowed to go to strip clubs.

Gia explains she doesn't think guys with girlfriends should go to them and argues 'a lot raunchier things happen at strip clubs than the average person thinks'.

Next up is them both being allowed to go on boys and girls trips, followed by several rules linked to social media use.

They include both Gia and her partner not being allowed to 'like random thirst traps on Instagram' - both seeing it as a sign of disrespect, clear for others to see too.

The pair are also both banned from following Instagram models of the opposite sex.

Gia reflects: "Why are you following a random person you're attracted to who's posting sexual stuff?"

A few of the rules relate to Instagram use.
TikTok/ @giaaldisert

Gia and her partner are allowed friends of the opposite sex but have 'boundaries', such as no sleepovers.

They are also both allowed to go to clubs. However, Gia notes: "But I do think guys and girls go to clubs for different reasons. I think girls go to have fun and have a girls' night and dance, whereas guys kind of go more to have the scene and pick up chicks"

The 21-year-old later explains she would feel 'confused' if her partner developed a habit of going clubbing 'all the time'.

The pair are both allowed to go clubbing.
TikTok/ @giaaldisert

Both Gia and her partner know each other's 'basic' phone passwords because they don't believe either of them should have 'anything to hide'.

The ninth rule which Gia flags as being potentially most 'controversial' is the pair not being allowed to watch porn.

"I honestly think it's really toxic for your mind, gives you unrealistic standards and is super addictive," she says.

Gia and her partner also want to achieve financial freedom before they get married.

And that's the list! But what do other people think?

What do you think about watching porn when in a relationship?
TikTok/ @giaaldisert

Some fellow TikTokers were quick to agree with Gia and her partner's rules.

One said: "Theyre not even controversial these are so valid."

"These are very valid and basic rules every relationship should have," another added.

However, others couldn't quite get on board.

A user commented: "While the basis of these are normal. There’s so many that it’s almost toxic feeling."

"I don’t believe in relationship rules, but if it works for you, good."

And a final resolved: "I don’t agree w many of these but boundaries in everyone’s relationships are going to be different."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/ TikTok/ @giaaldisert

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