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Expert shares the tell-tale signs that your partner has fallen out of love with you

Rhiannon Ingle

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Expert shares the tell-tale signs that your partner has fallen out of love with you

Featured Image Credit: Witthaya Prasongsin/kitzcorner/Getty Images

Now that it's finally December and Christmas is just a matter of weeks away - it's clear that cuffing season is well and truly upon us.

But, even during this festive period, some couples have been left wondering whether or not their partner is still all that into them.

Well, if that's you then have no fear as one sexpert has revealed the 14 tell-tale signs that your boo has fallen out of love with you - and some may surprise you.

A sexpert has revealed 13 signs your partner has fallen out of love with you. Credit: kitzcorner/Getty Images
A sexpert has revealed 13 signs your partner has fallen out of love with you. Credit: kitzcorner/Getty Images

British sexpert, Tracey Cox, has mapped out 14 - yes 14 - warning signs to look out for if you suspect your partner isn't feeling you anymore and exactly how to spot it at its early stages.

Before getting into the rundown, however, she explains to MailOnline: "We're all individuals and what's a glaring warning sign for one couple might just be normal behaviour for another.


"The fact that you're reading this, suggests you are questioning your partner's commitment and love. But always, always, trust your gut above anything else."


Tracey highlights the difference between loving and being 'in love', adding: "It's normal for our emotions to calm and become less intense as the relationship progresses. But while infatuation and lust might fade, a different kind of love replaces it.

"'Real' love is quieter, based more on friendship and contentment; it happens when you see and accept each other 'warts and all'. If the grand gestures have disappeared but your partner is still bringing you cups of tea and calling to check on you when you're down, the love has simply morphed into a different type."

With that said, let's get into the list.

Credit: Witthaya Prasongsin / Getty Images
Credit: Witthaya Prasongsin / Getty Images

Affection has disappeared

If you're noticing a dramatic downturn in the amount of cuddles and kisses you're getting from your partner, it might be time to worry.

The 'little things' stop

Little traditions together tend to be the foundation of a healthy relationship, so these falling by the wayside is not a good sign.


They recoil if you try to be affectionate

Not initiating physical contact is one thing, but being visibly disgusted by it means it's time to have a big conversation.

They're avoiding spending time with you

A partner avoiding quality time, or making any excuse to leave the house, is a cause for concern.


They start seeing their family without you

When things aren't right in a relationship, it's often the families involved who know first. Them seeing their family without you could be a sign they're seeking some distance.

There's a change in their routine or behaviour

It's an old cliche that a partner taking a sudden interest in working late or mysteriously spending time away from the house could be a sign they're on to something (or worse, someone).

They keep conversation light

A dedicated partner won't be avoiding hard conversations, and will take a genuine interest in what's happening in your life. If it's all small talk, something's up.

They don't like talking about the future

Long term couples will naturally make plans together, so avoiding talking about the future could mean they don't think there is one.

They're confiding in people other than you

It's good for your partner to have friends - but if they're using someone else as their main confidant, it's not a good look.

They've stopped 'checking in'

Most couples are comforted by staying in touch throughout the day, and a sudden end in communications signals bad news.

They avoid answering when you ask if something's wrong

If they're avoiding asking if something's wrong, it could be because they know (as well as you do) that something is.

They make no effort

Relationships are fun, but they also take hard work. An end to effort could mean an end to caring about the relationship.

You're bickering

While some couples enjoy playfully bickering, if all of your conversations are negative and aggressive, it could be over.

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Rhiannon Ingle
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