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Man shares the biggest sign your marriage is dying

Man shares the biggest sign your marriage is dying

He took to TikTok to share his thoughts

One man has shared the biggest sign your marriage is dying, but not everyone agrees.

Rick Netshiozwi, who goes by the handle @ricknetshiozwi online, took to TikTok to share his thoughts with his 342.1k followers.

Rick's views, however, seem to have split the internet right down the middle.

Have a look:

Rick began by telling viewers he reckons: "One of the greatest signs of a dying marriage is when a relationship has a void of touch."

He explained that this may come in the form of not hugging each other anymore, not kissing the same or not doing such activities as frequently as you once used to.

"When you sleep, this person's half is their half," Rick continued. "That other half is your half, your feet don't even touch anymore."

He went on to claim that this is a 'clear sign' that the marriage is 'on its way to its deathbed'.


Rick said the 'void of touch' is a 'clear sign' your marriage is dying.

Rick carried on, explaining: "Touch is a critical component for marriage and one of the ways to see that touch has truly gone and has truly left is, when the minute you touch each other as a married couple, there is a weird energy that flows.

"That is a symbol that you are drifting apart quicker than lightning strikes a tree on a day that there is a storm."

Tragically poetic, that.

It seems that the video has totally divided the internet with many disagreeing with the alleged 'clear sign' of marriage failure.

One TikTok user hit out: "It’s a clear sign that we all want a good night’s sleep."

A second piped up: "Nobody kisses as much as the beginning, get real."

"Not true necessarily," a third chimed in, "as we age things change especially functionally."

A fourth quipped: "Nooo… every relationship is different. Wants and needs are between the couple."

The TikTok divided viewers online.
EmirMemedovski / Getty Images

"Or you are so content and comfortable in your own skin that you enjoy your own space and don’t feel the constant need to validate each other," highlighted a final critic.

Others, however, completely agreed with Rick's views.

"My marriage was like that and almost did die," revealed one viewer.

A second penned: "So true."

"Listen to this guy… he is 100 per cent on this," advised a third while a fourth then echoed: "Wow groundbreaking thank you for this."

Another commented: "On point, sir."

What do you make of it?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@ricknetshiozwi /EmirMemedovski/Getty Images

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