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‘Shallowing’ is the newest trend for the bedroom that can help boost your sex life

‘Shallowing’ is the newest trend for the bedroom that can help boost your sex life

It's sure to add a little bit of spice to your sex life

2024 is the year for better health, better trips and, as it seems, better sex.

Whether you're trying out Dry Jan and practicing saving your pennies or swearing you'll sort your sleep schedule out and promising to travel more - we've all got our own New Year's resolutions we're trying out this year.

Well, if one of your resolutions included giving a much-needed boost to your sex life then listen up, as 'shallowing' is the latest trend of 2024 that is said to help couples out big time in the bedroom department.

OK - so we already know all about the importance of prioritising orgasms in 2024 and have got all the best tips and tricks on how to last longer between the sheets, but what on earth is 'shallowing'?

Well, it's a form of sexual play that involves light stimulation around the entrance to the vagina.

No partner? No problem!

'Shallowing' can help boost your sex life.
Photographer, Basak Gurbuz Derman / Getty Images

While this can be done with your partner gently entering the vagina with either the tip of their penis, finger, lips, tongue or even a sex toy - it can also be enjoyed solo-style.

If you hadn't already guessed it, it's called 'shallowing' as the penetrative touch is focused just inside the entrance of the vagina - so a shallow entrance.

The act of 'shallowing' can, apparently, bring about some pretty incredible orgasms as the vaginal entrance is packed with specific nerve endings that can intensify female pleasure.

So - how do you go about bringing up 'shallowing' to your partner?

The act of 'shallowing' can bring about some pretty mind-blowing orgasms.
Studio4 / Getty Images

Well, sex and relationship expert, Tracey Cox, advises you 'just make it part of everyday conversation'.

She explained: "If we were talking about anything else today, you'd say, 'I was listening to Woman's Hour and they were talking about this. What do you think?' Just have that conversation.

"Say, 'They did a really interesting study about how to make penetration more pleasurable for women and this particular technique really spoke to me, and I think I kind of do that already, but...' And then lead into the conversation from there."

Tracey continued: "Once you get passed those first few minutes, talking about sex is actually quite easy after that.

"Maybe it might be a bit uncomfortable with your partner who says, 'But hang on a minute, you've always been fine just with penetration without any extra stimulation?'.

"If you don't want to say, 'Well actually, I haven't been the whole of the time I've been with you' - just say, 'Well, I think my body's changing, I seem to need different things now'."

Communication is key, folks!

Featured Image Credit: Witthaya Prasongsin/Getty Images/Studio4/Getty Images

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