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Bride left ‘in tears’ after nephew turns up to wedding wearing white

Bride left ‘in tears’ after nephew turns up to wedding wearing white

A bride was upset after she told her six-year-old nephew to leave her wedding for wearing white

A bride was left 'in tears' after her nephew attended her wedding wearing white.

Every bride wants to stand out at their own wedding and asking guests to wear any colour other than white isn't unusual.

However, one bride found herself in a conundrum after one of her 'nephews was wearing white jeans and a white bow tie'.

Taking to Reddit's 'Am I The A**hole' page, the woman's husband, 28, explained the awkward situation.

He wrote: "My wife (26) was very strict on the fact that no guest is allowed to wear white, which is understandable because for females that’s considered rude or bad luck at weddings I think.

"The reception was going well too, until I noticed my wife walking over to the bathroom with her face held in her hands.

"Obviously I could tell my wife was upset as we’ve been together for three years now and I can tell when she’s upset. I rushed across the room telling guests 'one minute' as I hurried by them.

The bride wasn't happy about her six-year-old nephew's outfit to her wedding.

"Once I got to the bathroom I knocked on the door and informed my wife that it was me at the door. After a few minutes I heard the door unlock and open.

"When I got in a saw my wife sitting on the floor with mascara running down her cheeks."

The man asked his bride what was wrong and 'she told me that one of our nephews was wearing white jeans and a white bow tie'.

"I immediately thought to myself how she was completely over reacting because he’s a six-year-old child and had no idea that you can’t wear white to a wedding," he continued.

"I told her she was over re acting but in a much nicer way and I said that she should go enjoy the reception and forget about the whole thing.

"She eventually texted her sister to come to the bathroom and fix her makeup so she could go back out and have a good night."

However, as things started to calm down, the groom was confronted about the wardrobe situation by the six-year-old's mum, who threatened to leave the wedding entirely.

He explained: "My wife started crying again and saying that this is her day and she doesn’t want it to be ruined by our nephew.

"This angered me because I had enough of her ruining our day over something silly. I then said she was not only selfish but that she was insanely insecure if she’s worried about a six year old looking better than her.

"My wife’s been staying with her mother since the wedding and we haven’t spoken once. Her mom reached out to me this morning and said that I need to apologise right away for being 'out of line'."

Asking fellow Redditor's if he has done anything wrong, one person commented: "Did she think people would confuse him for the bride?"

Another added: "Maybe people would have confused him for the bride, given she's acting 6 years old over the situation."

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