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Bride left upset on her wedding day as two guests show up in white

Bride left upset on her wedding day as two guests show up in white

The bride was 'sad' when she saw the two guests clashing with her gown

If there's one emotion you should not feel on your wedding day, it's sad. But unfortunately some guests didn't leave one bride with much choice after they showed up wearing white dresses.

You know, one of the main things that's traditionally meant to make the bride stand out on the big day?

Though it's hardly ever laid out as a rule in the invitation, most people know not to wear white to a wedding unless that happens to be the colour scheme.

Not only can it be disheartening for the bride to see she's not the only one in white on the day, but it can look pretty odd for years to come in photos from the event, when those who don't know the bride are left questioning exactly who was getting married.

Unfortunately, a couple of guests at a wedding attended by TikToker Isabella Santos Giha didn't seem to factor those things into account when getting ready to celebrate a friend's wedding recently.

One of the dresses was said to be a 'legit wedding dress'.

In a post shared this week, Giha honed in on not one, but two guests at the wedding who wore floor-length white gowns.

The poster claimed that one of the dresses was a 'legit wedding dress', before cutting to show the actual bride dressed in her gown on the wedding day.

Though she still looked radiant, Giha said the bride was left feeling 'sad' that some of her guests had clashed with her look.

Alongside the video, Giha begged: "Please never wear WHITE at someones wedding. It is sad and disrespect[ful]."

A lot of viewers sympathised with the bride after she got upset on her big day, though others responded to claim the unspoken 'rule' wasn't actually as well known as some people might think.

The bride wore a lacy gown with a matching veil.

"I wore white once on accident when I was 17 I didn’t know. It was a lace skater skirt with a laced crop top," one viewer responded, as another added: "What?? I wore white in my cousin's wedding. I didn't know it was a thing. Omg I feel bad!!"

Whether the two women were aware of the dress code issue or not, viewers assured the bride still looked stunning and that no one could take her day away from her.

Thankfully, the bride's gown was at least a different style to the other two white dresses at the event, featuring a large skirt and long lace sleeves to match her white lace veil.

Hopefully she didn't stay sad on the day for too long - it's far too special a day for that!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@isabellasg3

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