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Bride left fuming at sister's choice of dress as people slam her for being ‘trashy’

Bride left fuming at sister's choice of dress as people slam her for being ‘trashy’

The fashion faux-pas was documented on Reddit

As the majority of wedding guests are probably aware by now, there are several unspoken fashion rules and restrictions that wedding attendees should abide by - in order to keep the bride and groom happy on their big day.

No. 1: Don't opt for anything too casual - you know, jeans, trainers, etc.

No. 2: Nothing too short or revealing - this is supposed to be a classy affair.

No. 3: Don't wear white - or be prepared for the bride to tackle you to the floor.

And arguably the most important rule of all... No. 4: Don't dress in black - this ain't no funeral!

Despite these fashion regulations having remained commonplace at wedding ceremonies, one bride was this week left infuriated with her younger sister after she went against the last of these vital orders.

However, in this case, it is the sister that has shared her side of the story, claiming that she can't understand her sister's behaviour.

Taking to Reddit, she wrote: "I was invited as a guest to her wedding. The day before her wedding I was showing her the dress I was gonna wear to the wedding and she said it was gorgeous.

"The dress was this little black dress with a little bit of sparkles and a corset."

The woman took the Reddit to talk about what happened at her sister's wedding.

However, when she arrived at the reception wearing the dress, her sister seemed a bit 'stunned' - much to the Redditor's surprise

"When I arrived to the reception she was a lil stunned and came up to me saying something in the lines of 'Oh, wow, I didn’t know you were actually gonna wear it' and than just laughed but I could see by her face that she had a problem with it," she continued to say.

She then went on the accuse her sister of giving her 'strange ass looks' throughout the duration of the evening and even caught her supposedly talking to people about her get-up.

"At one point they all just stared at me and gave me a nasty ass look," she revealed.

"She hasn’t really been the same to me ever since.

Apparently the bride continued to mock her sister throughout the duration of the evening.
Getty/Reggie Casagrande

"I honestly don’t think I did anything wrong and think she was overreacting especially since she literally approved of the dress so I don’t know why she changed her mind so fast."

She then went on to share a snap of the dress on a separate subreddit - complete with thigh-high split, a mesh midriff with corset boning and embellished with tiny sparkling gem stones.

The woman then asked for advice on the matter - with her predicament leaving commenters divided.

Some slammed her for wearing it on this occasion, with one writing: "I see why the bride thought you were kidding. This is a great club dress but a terrible wedding guest dress."

The woman shared a picture of the dress on another subreddit.

Another penned: "That would look amazing at a New Year’s party. Not appropriate for a wedding."

And a third simply branded her outfit 'trashy', adding: "Of course she's mad at you."

While someone else said that it didn't sound like her sister had 'approved' of the dress.

Others, however, took the poster's side.

"I think it's totally fine for a dressed-up wedding. Someone would have worn this at mine and I wouldn't have batted an eye (married at 39 and not club crowd at all)," one wrote.

While another said that the bride was 'regretting her decision' for 'approving' the dress, adding: "Not your fault. You did the right thing by asking. She answered. You acted on her response."

Featured Image Credit: Chev Wilkinson/Catherine Delahaye/Getty Images

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