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Man slammed for proposing to his girlfriend at her mum's funeral

Man slammed for proposing to his girlfriend at her mum's funeral

People are flooding to social media to weigh in on a man's confession he proposed to his girlfriend at her mum's funeral.

People are flooding to social media to weigh in on a man's alleged confession he proposed to his girlfriend at her mum's funeral.

If you're someone who fancies making it up the aisle, you may have dreamt about the perfect proposal to pre-empt your fairytale wedding.

Will it be during a hike up a mountain to see a beautiful sunset? On a romantic beach stroll, picnic or even in a hot air balloon?

Well, for one woman, her partner had a very different idea, apparently deciding to pop the question at her mother's funeral.

The real question is, what was her response?

A Redditer claims they proposed to their partner at her mother's funeral.
Pexels/ cottonbro studio

Taking to Reddit, a 25-year-old man explained him and his girlfriend had been dating for two years and he had been 'planning on proposing to her for quite some time' when he decided to get down on one knee.

However, he faced a dilemma. "I could never really figure out what the right time really was," the Redditer admits.

The man ended up carrying round his ring in his pocket 'no matter where' the pair went together in 'the hopes that the right moment would just happen'.

I don't think even he could've guessed when the 'right moment' did eventually occur.

The Redditer says he carried the ring around in his pocket, so uncertain when to propose.
Pexels/ Daniel Moises Magulado

The Redditer explains he thinks part of his confusion surrounding when to propose and reluctance to drop on one knee was because his girlfriend's mother 'didn't approve' of him because of their 'small age gap'.

"There was no way in hell that she would end up approving us getting married," he says.

After his girlfriend's mum was diagnosed with stage-four breast cancer and she sadly passed away, her funeral was the alleged push the Redditer apparently needed to finally get round to proposing.

The post continues: "Whenever I was standing over her casket with my girlfriend hanging onto my arm, I looked down at her mother and thought to myself 'This is it, I'm going to ask her today.'"

The Redditer says he decided to propose when standing over his girlfriend's mother's casket.
Pexels/ Pavel Danilyuk

The Redditer defends himself, saying he 'patiently' waited until the wake so they weren't 'in the direct presence of her mum's body'.

"A couple of hours into the wake, I finally took my girlfriend aside and said my prepared speech that was in my head since the moment I decided I wanted her to be my wife, then I got down on one knee and asked if she wanted to marry me."

You can probably guess what her answer was.

It was a fairly predictable response.
Pexels/ Anastasia Shuraeva

Well, if it wasn't obvious enough already, the girlfriend told the man a firm, 'No'.

Yet the Redditer was left 'confused' and didn't understand 'what was wrong with the moment'.

"If anything this could of been a metaphor of sorts, right? Her mum dies so suddenly and now I'm here proposing over the prospect of 'life is too short', 'you only live once' and making the most of it," he argues.

However, reflecting back on the day, the 25-year-old notes he 'can see how [he] would be the a**hole' due to 'the dirt still being fresh'.

Alas, he continues: "But honestly I couldn't see a better moment than right then because we were finally free of her mother's judgement and able to be together without her mum's opinions on the matter.

"I told my friends about this today and they called me an insensitive a***hole, but I don't think I am completely. I had good intentions when I proposed, and doesn't every girl just wanna get married to the love of her life?"

Most Redditers were in firm agreement.
Pexels/ RDNE Stock project

Unfortunately for the man, most Redditers agree with his friends that he is definitely, no question about it, the a**hole in the situation.

One user said: "YTA. Your girlfriend has other things on her mind when her mother recently passed away.

"Choosing that time to propose was awkwardly inappropriate at best and sociopathic at worst.

"You should apologise to your girlfriend and focus on being emotionally supportive and understanding towards her."

And another said: "Wtf did I just read??? Like is it me or is this dude gloating that his GF mother is dead!"

Most users were so horrified by the story they argued it quite simply can't be real, one resolving: "YTA. I can't be sure this is real. It's so unreal."

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