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Bride demands refund from wedding photographer after finding out she slept with her husband

Bride demands refund from wedding photographer after finding out she slept with her husband

The photographer was surprised to receive an email from the bride after the images were delivered

A furious bride has demanded a refund from her two wedding photographers after finding out one of them slept with her husband after they tied the knot.

Obviously you want the photographers to pay attention to the bride and groom on the big day, but not this much attention.

The whole ordeal began earlier this year, when wedding photographer and Reddit user u/Wedding_dude was hired to capture the happiest day of this particular couple's lives.

The photographers captured the big day.
Emma Bauso/Pexels

His usual photography partner wasn't able to make the event, so he found a female photographer online who he 'felt did good work'.

She agreed to the job and together the pair successfully shot the wedding, where 'everything seemed business as usual'.

In a post on Reddit, the photographer explained that the photos were edited and delivered to the client, and 'all was good'.

That is, until he received an email earlier this week from the bride demanding her money back for their work.

She was furious, but not because the photographers had accidentally caught her picking cake out of her teeth, or with toilet roll stuck to her shoe.

Instead, it was some other compromising photos that had prompted her demand.

The bride's demand related to the second photographer.
Lina Kivaka/Pexels

The photographer explained: "She was wanting a refund because the lady I had hired as second shooter for the day ended up sleeping with her husband at some point after the wedding, and she also included photos from his phone to prove it."

Turning to Reddit for advice, the photographer questioned what the 'best thing' to do was, as the woman he'd hired was a 'private contractor and not an employee'.

"She hired me for a job and the job was completed and product was delivered," he pointed out. "But I also feel like this would be as if I were a professional dog walker who walked a client's dog, then came back and shot it later... I really feel for this lady, but that's also a lot of money to have to give back for work that was done."

The photographer was left unsure whether to give the money back.

Other Reddit users were left stunned after hearing the story, though many argued the photographer wasn't obliged to give the money back.

"Tell them you are sorry to hear that but there isn’t a way for you to refund for a service that has been completed per your contract," one person wrote. "The second shooter is a contractor who I will not work with again but she is not directly involved with my business. I can not refund you because something unfortunate happened that I had no control over."

Another reader agreed, writing: "Yes, this is a perfect response. You did a job and the job was completed, and what happened with her husband has nothing to do with you and your money at the end of the day. You're a business owner, not a charity."

Other users pointed to the husband's affair, suggesting the photographer could respond to offer a discount on 'the next wedding' if the bride decided to split up with her partner over his infidelity.

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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