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Girl claims New Year’s Eve ‘grape theory’ works after she found boyfriend

Girl claims New Year’s Eve ‘grape theory’ works after she found boyfriend

She reckons it worked a charm

Amidst promising to hit the gym more often, lowering our screen time and ordering less takeaways - I'm sure many people will be making a whole load of New Years resolutions regarding their love life.

You may want to add this little ritual to your NYE party plans if you're on the hunt for a new romantic interest in 2024, as one girl has claimed the viral New Year’s Eve 'grape theory' works after she found a boyfriend.

Izzy Dwyer, who was five months single at the time, took it upon herself to go down a little unorthodox route to manifest for herself a lucky love life last year. Have a look:

The 19-year-old student who, at the time, thought the whole thing was just 'a bit of fun' is now convinced the theory works after bagging a boyfriend in August of this year.

The 'grape theory' in question, which is currently trending on TikTok, says you need to don a pair of red knickers and eat 12 grapes when the clock strikes midnight on December 31st.

And, as bizarre as it may seem, Izzy reckons the ritual is air-tight as she has now been with her boyfriend Josh Green, 22, for four months after meeting on Hinge.

She is now encouraging other singletons to gobble up a dozen of grapes so they can find love too.

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Izzy, from Bishop's Stortford in Hertfordshire, said: "We ate red grapes but I think they can be any colour.

"My mum's friend had grapes in her fridge so we used these and it was just a bit of fun.

"We ate them after it hit 12am on New Year's Day and it was a spur of the moment decision."

The student continued: "I saw on TikTok that [by eating the 12 grapes] it's meant to bring you luck in your love life and I did it with three friends.

"One had a boyfriend and me and my other friend were single and now we've both in relationships now too.

"It guess you could say it had a one hundred percent success rate."

While the theory calls for you to eat the grapes whilst sitting under a table, Izzy said all the tables were 'too low' so she 'just ate them on the sofa and also wore red underwear'.

So - what does the boyfriend make of all this?

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Well, Izzy explains: "I don't think he [my boyfriend] really believed the grape theory when I told him about it.

"He thinks it's a nice idea but I don't think he believes in it, but I do.

"I would say to other single people to do the grape theory trend as you have nothing to lose and what is the worst that can happen."

But where on earth does the viral 'grape theory' come from?

Well, it is said to be a deep-rooted Spanish tradition known as 'las doce uvas de la suerte' - 'the 12 grapes of luck' - which consists of eating one grape on each of the 12 strikes of midnight on December 31st.

Every grape and clock strike are meant to represent each of the 12 coming months and the tradition said to bring luck into your life in the new year.

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Wearing red underwear on New Year's Eve comes from an Italian tradition that is also meant to guarantee luck and success for the year ahead.

Izzy said she shared her grape theory success on TikTok and her post has been watched nearly five million times and has received over 561,000 likes.

Whilst some users were quick to agree that the ritual worked, others said they must have eaten the grapes wrong as they didn't have the same luck this year.

Izzy said: "I didn't tell him [Josh] about the grape theory when we got together but when I made the TikTok he was asking what the theory was.

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"I had also completely forgotten that I had eaten the grapes too this year until I saw the trend come back around on TikTok.

"When I posted the video online, lots of people were tagging their friends to say that the theory worked for them but others have said they guess they did the trend wrong as it didn't."

One person said: "We obviously did it wrong!"

A second added: "I ain't messing round with this 12 grapes under the table this year. I'm doing it."

"I'm doing this man I gotta manifest love," revealed a third.

A final admitted: "Did this and all I've been is traumatised this year."

Do you reckon you'll be trying out the 'grape theory' this New Year's Eve?

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