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Mum-of-two hits back at trolls after they slam her for hiring ‘hot’ nanny

Mum-of-two hits back at trolls after they slam her for hiring ‘hot’ nanny

After hiring a 21-year-old nanny, Katie, a Canadian mum, hit back about the stereotype of nannies sleeping with husbands

The nanny trope is as old as time, but it doesn’t stop people from still believing it.

After the fiasco with Ben Affleck (allegedly), Jude Law and Gavin Rossdale, nannies and husbands just don’t seem to mesh well.

However, one mum-of-two has gone out of her way to defend her choice to hire a ‘hot’ nanny after people told her she’d regret it.

Katie and Harry both live in Byron Bay but are originally from Canada and came to the decision to hire an au pair to help care for their twins.

Their choice? A 21-year-old Swedish woman named Elsa.

When Kate created an innocent clip of Elsa playing with the children in the kitchen, comments telling the mother how wrong she is for bringing in an attractive woman into the home was constant.

Mum-of-two Katie was not playing around with her response.

After people continued to tell her that Harry would surely have an affair, Katie hit back at the trolls.

In her response, she first played a clip from controversial ‘comedian’ Nicole Arbour who called Elsa ‘an 11’ and Katie ‘average American girl pretty’.

She said: “First, let’s get the obvious reasons out of the way.

“I trust my husband implicitly. We actually have a really secure, amazing relationship.”

Her second point was that she doesn’t ‘discriminate against people for the way they look’ and instead prefers to focus on who the person is.

Lastly, she explained why she doesn’t conform to the stereotype.

Katie said: “I know it’s very hard to believe because I’m now this undesirable old hag.

“But I used to be a very hot 21-year-old girl also, and I dealt with a lot of stigma and a lot of judgement from people like you who thought I wanted to sleep with your man.

The likes of Nicole Arbour weighed in on the nanny.

“Just because I was beautiful and 21 does not mean that I was sleeping with married men.”

She also wanted to address thoughts about her husband having an affair and how it makes her feel that online users are suggesting he would cheat: “That literally ruffles zero of my very secure feathers.

“What DOES however bother me is this very much sounds like if the man wants to sleep with her then it’s a done deal as if the young woman in the equation has NO choice.”

Katie also wanted to know why people in the comments thought that ‘all beautiful young women are game for sleeping with a married man?’

Users below her video supported her decision and posed the question about why we judge beautiful young women.

One person said: “As long as she looks after and cares for your boys then that’s all that matters.”

Another said: “Some people have never had a good relationship and it shows.”

A third chimed in: “As a nanny, we don't want your husbands!”

Featured Image Credit: whenkatiemetharry/TikTok/elsanordstromm/Instagram

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