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Stay-at-home mum defends decision to employ a full-time nanny

Stay-at-home mum defends decision to employ a full-time nanny

Jen uses her spare time to work on projects as well as carry out housework and self-care

A stay-at-home mum has defended her decision to hire a full-time nanny to help out with her child while her husband is at work.

Jen Miller, 35, welcomed her daughter Liberty into the world two years ago with her husband Grant, the founder and CEO of a software business.

She now stays at home with her daughter, but relies on the help of her nanny to help ensure she has time throughout the day to stay on top of other projects, housework and self-care.

The nanny is full-time, but doesn't arrive at the home until 9.30am. Before then, Jen gets in some time with her daughter by setting her alarm for 5.30am to get herself and Liberty ready for the day.

She also spends time working out in her home gym, walking the dog and preparing breakfast.

By the time the nanny arrives, Jen aims to be in her office to take care of her day and run any errands that come up.

She explained: "I like to be able to give my full presence to my daughter as a mum, to play with her and give her the attention she deserves.

"When the nanny isn't there, I do feel overwhelmed and like things have to be pushed to the wayside or in the evenings.

"In that case I find it difficult to give my full focus and attention to my daughter."

In the evenings, Jen takes on 'mum duties' including playtime and cleaning up, with Liberty in bed by 6.30pm.

After that, Jen is able to relax, have dinner and indulge in some self-care before heading to bed herself.

Jen shares Liberty with her husband, Grant.

The mum, from Austin, Texas, said she recognises it's an 'immense privilege to manage the family in the way' they do, adding: "In my opinion, family and household management is already a full-time job.

"Everyone has their own way of managing their family, whether it's family support, a nanny, or childcare share."

Jen creates TikTok content to share her situation with others, but stressed that 'every family is different' and this is just how they 'make [theirs] work'.

"Having a full-time nanny gives me the energy and patience to be the best mum I can be while still taking care of all of our family's needs," she added.

The mum has received a lot of support online - something she admitted 'surprised' her.

"I was worried there might be some people who wouldn't understand, but actually lots of people have shared their own childcare stories," she said.

Though some people have argued Jen is 'not really a stay-at-home mother' because she works on projects while at home, she's insisted that's how she'd describe herself 'for now'

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