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Millionaire, 82, marries seventh wife 38-years his junior just months after split from ‘carer’ ex

Millionaire, 82, marries seventh wife 38-years his junior just months after split from ‘carer’ ex

John Singleton has had a long list of high-profile relationships over the years

An 82-year-old millionaire has outdone Henry VIII by marrying his seventh wife just months after splitting from his 'live-in carer' ex.

And, his new other half is 38 years his junior.

John Singleton, an entrepreneur and investor from Sydney, Australia, tied the knot with his seventh wife, Sarah Warry, in July of this year.

44-year-old Warry said she fell for Singleton's 'wicked sense of humour' and said their relationship is 'proof you can fall in love with someone over great conversation.'

“We were texting back and forth all about what I do and what he does and I really got to know him," she told The Daily Telegraph.

"Then we started talking, he’s such a great conversationalist, he really listens.”

Singleton, who is estimated to be worth $768 million (£407 million), has had a long list of high-profile relationships throughout the years, including former Miss World Belinda Green and 60 Minutes reporter Liz Hayes.

John Singleton's seventh wife is 38 years his junior.

The lothario even controversially dated multiple women at once, according to a report by The Daily Telegraph in 2021.

Ahead of his marriage to Warry, Singleton split from his ex-wife, Kim Dennis, 44, in February of this year. And he says he's never been happier.

"It’s [happiness] an important thing to have in life, especially late in the second half," he said.

"You want a hassle-free joyful life, you want to give and not take, and you want someone to share things with. People who don’t have someone to share things with, it’s a great loss, someone to look at a sunset with.

"When you see something beautiful you want to share it with someone, preferably a partner."

His previous wife, Kim Dennis, was left 'bindsided' when they split earlier this year.

But Dennis, who was Singleton's live-in carer as well as his wife, is said to have been 'blindsided' by their split, claiming they had been 'busy making future plans for the couple including holidays abroad.'

The couple had got together in 2021, after bonding over their mutual love of horses.

Their romance became more serious when Singleton suffered a cardiac episode that left him seriously unwell.

Dennis, a divorced mother of two, moved into Singleton’s home at Mt White on the Central Coast to look after her much-older man.

But their relationship came to an abrupt end after he ended things due to their '40-year age gap,' according to friends.

Critics could point out that the new love of his life is the same age, but at least he's happy.

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