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Men open up about 'girlfriend-hating' phase in viral post

Men open up about 'girlfriend-hating' phase in viral post

The confessions may shock you

Anyone single out there trying to navigate the minefield that is the dating scene will know it can be pretty rough at the best of times.

But it seems its not just singletons who have to worry about relationship faff from submarining and bread-crumbing to getting 'vultured', becoming stuck in the dreaded 'Ben stage' or even getting 'zombied as some blokes out there have confessed to a 'girlfriend-hating' phase.

The original post sparking the online discourse has since gone viral after clocking up more than a staggering 108.3 million views on X, formerly Twitter.

And the confessions may come as somewhat of a shock to you.

One Twitter user penned: "That phase where you slowly start hating your girlfriend is crazy."

In a follow-up tweet, they added: "When you keep messing up on purpose so that she can break up with you and she keeps forgiving you.

"You'll be having a bad day and when she hugs you it becomes even worse."

A third chimed in: "When she tells you that she loves you and you have to say it back <<<."

"When you are out with your friends happy and having fun and she calls you out of nowhere to check up on you but it ruins your mood," revealed a fourth.

Another quipped: "When her 'when can i see you' sounds more like 'I’d like to annoy you and kill you with boredom and regret'."

Unfortunately, the so-called 'jokes' go on.

Men opened up about their 'girlfriend-hating' phase online.

Many others in the thread, however, have since responded to the confession, with one Twitter user writing: "I hope girls are cheating on these men."

"Oh this thread is demonic!" remarked a second.

A third asked: "Guys these replies. Y’all honestly feel like this or it’s just Twitter?"

The viral Twitter post has since made its way onto other social media platforms with Instagram user, who goes by the handle @pierrefleury_, explaining to his 105k followers the wider issue at bay.

He began: "Within that thread, there are some men who are taking it too far - even for the men that are engaging in the thread and liking the thread and adding to the thread.

The confessions shocked many Twitter users.

"Because the men who are taking it too far are saying things of how they thought about their girlfriend, or how they use their girlfriend's body at this point just for pleasure or talking openly how they love to cheat on their girlfriends."

Pierre continued: "And instead of men seeing it as 'Oh, wow, somebody created a safe space for men to be violently misogynistic towards women', they're seeing those individual men who took it too far as like the problem and not the whole entire thread."

He went on: "There are sexist attitudes and beliefs within that thread of men that are reinforcing harmful stereotypes about women, which is gonna lead to the sexual violence that happens to women and the unaliving of women.

"But they're seeing it as these are just jokes, and these individual men are just the weird ones and not the fact that we're creating this culture."

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