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Man slammed after throwing wedding cake at bride and groom

Man slammed after throwing wedding cake at bride and groom

The internet was not happy with his prank

Some people spend their lifetime dreaming of and planning out their perfect fairytale wedding day along with all the love, festivities and traditions that follow.

While every couple may differ slightly their order of service, canapé selection or dress code - many can agree they'd probably rather not have someone come in and 'ruin' the occasion at one of the most pivotal moments.

Well, unfortunately, that's exactly what happened to one pair of newlyweds after a guest took it upon himself to chuck wedding cake at them for seemingly no reason whatsoever. Have a look:

While a few private jokes, embarrassing anecdotes and tasteful practical jokes are fairly common at weddings - it's clear that there is definitely a line when it comes to going too far with the pranking.

A short clip has been making its rounds across social media showing a bride and groom getting ready to cut their wedding cake as a crowd of hungry onlookers watch the relationship milestone take place before their very eyes.

Just as the groom is about to slice through the pudding, a bloke comes out of nowhere, grabs two handfuls of the expensive cake with his bare hands, and throws it at the couple.

The man then goes back for seconds to sprinkle a load of cake crumbs on the bride who can be seen walking away looking beyond upset.

A video has been making its rounds on social media showing a man throw cake at a bride and groom.

Clearly raging at the guest's actions, the groom then lands a sucker punch right in the face to the cake man-handler who stumbles before falling on his backside while the shocked crowd looks on.

People have since rushed in to share their verdict on the ordeal, with many defending the groom, after being left furious by the man's behaviour.

One Reddit user claimed: "That punch was completely justified. Wedding cakes aren't cheap, that guy was probably sh*t faced (not a good reason). Also smashing cake into someone is so f*cking stupid."

A second replied: "Not to mention he almost made the groom stab himself in the face with the knife."

The internet called out the man for his 'idiot' behaviour.

"Give the groom credit for not stabbing this idiot," chimed in a third while a fourth pointed out: "He almost stabbed his wife because the drunk idiot pushed him."

Another questioned: "What did he think was going to happen? I can’t think of any scenario where this would go over well with the bride/groom and wedding guests.

"It literally just makes him look like an inconsiderate a**hole who can’t stand the attention not being on him."

A final Reddit user penned: "He expected everyone to laugh and clap at what a jokester he is, probably.

"One of those things that seemed like such a hilarious idea in his mind."

What do you make of it?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@petrovichpetrovich

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