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Man shares one huge lie all men tell their girlfriends for attention

Man shares one huge lie all men tell their girlfriends for attention

Content creator Jake Craig has divided opinions with his latest social media video.

A popular podcaster has divided fans after he claimed ‘most men’ like to keep a certain secret from their girlfriends.

Jake Craig co-hosts the Relatables podcast with his friend Ottie Clarke, and the pair regularly go viral when discussing relationships and trending topics.

However, taking to his personal TikTok account, Jake has claimed that men saying they don’t want to get married to their significant others is simply for ‘attention’.

Opening the discussion, the social media star - who grew up in Canada - said: “To all the ladies out there with a boyfriend who is always on about ‘I don’t want to get married’ and stuff like that.

“We say that for attention. Okay?”

He claimed that men actually want their partners to turn around and say ‘No, but I want to marry you so bad’.

“And you don’t see us do it,” the content creator continued. “We kind of go like hehehe.”

Since posting the short clip on November 18, viewers have come out in their droves to debate the candid confession.

One TikTok user wrote: “DO NOT MAKE US DELULU.”

A second commented: “I can practically see boys running that second.”

Jake claimed that men want their partners to say they want to marry them.

“One of my younger brothers has said this to his girlfriend for the past 12yrs. She's the only gf he's had and they have a baby,” replied another.

A fourth said: “That’s so true !!! My ex did that lol,” while another typed: “I got this but in a situationship?”

So, if you think your boyfriend is also ‘pretending’ to not want to tie the knot, then it may be time to pop the question.

And if you're in your late 20s or early 30s, then you may be in luck as a law firm has revealed you're at the perfect age to get married.

Irwin Mitchell has recently studied divorce figures to work out the 'right age' to get married and to avoid separating in the future.

The company claims that if you and your partner are between 28 and 32, then the time is now.

According to data, the firm found that marriages in this age bracket often have the highest success rate and typically tend to have the fewest divorces.

A law firm found that the perfect age to get married is between 28 and 32.
Pexels/Irina Iriser

Speaking about separation, family law senior associate Jennifer Pollock said: “It’s a sad fact that around 50 percent of marriages end in divorce, but there are now many more options available to couples to separate in the best way for them.

“Some divorces will be amicable, some may need mediation to help make agreements, while others may end up in court.”

The report also claims that the most common day married couples decide to split is on the first working Monday after Christmas and that the most common marriage length was eight years.

So, if you think your man wants to get married and you fit in the outlined age bracket, then there truly has never been a better time to say ‘I do’!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/TikTok/@jakeecraig

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