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Dating expert reveals three red flags to look out for when on date

Dating expert reveals three red flags to look out for when on date

He's been praised for his dating tips

A dating expert famed for sharing his advice on TikTok has urged people to look out for three red flags while on a date.

Jacob Lucas boasts an impressive 765,000 followers on the social media platform and has accumulated millions of views on his videos.

From body language secrets to texting tips, Jacob is the dating and relationships guru everyone needs.

In one video, he touches on the subject of red flags and, while many of us with have our own red flags that we look out for, Jacob shared some that he thinks are important.

Dating coach Jacob Lucas has shared the red flags you should look out for on a date.

Number one is 'when he tells you he has lots of money'.

Jacob notes that if the guy was really wealthy, he wouldn't be bragging about it - and he's probably right.

Last time I checked, Jeff Bezos doesn't wear t-shirts with 'Balmain' written across it, accessorised with a Gucci man bag...

Jacob's second tip is men 'trying to explain to you why he's an Alpha Male'.

"He's probably trying to convince himself," Jacob quips in the clip.

People have praised his tips.

Last but not least is if your date tries to explain why his ex-partner 'was in the wrong'.

Not only is it not nice to bad-mouth your ex on a date, usually talking about an ex is a no-go altogether.

Jacob's followers have since applauded his advice while sharing their own dating experiences.

"Red flags 101 right here," said one person, as another wrote: "The second one is sooo true! Man I dodged a bullet with a guy who kept saying he was an alpha male and a manly man."

A third TikTok user added: "Similar to the first two, if they're always talking about how honest they are!"

Replying to the comment, Jacob wrote: "If someone is trying to convince you how honest they are for no reason then that’s always a major red flag!"

"Run if you encounter any of these!" echoed someone else.

Red flags are a topic that Jacob's covered in past and, in one clip, he focused on red flags your partner might present.

He has also spoken out about relationship red flags.

"If your partner is doing any of these things then you might want to reconsider if that is the right person for you because these are all major big red flags," he said in the video.

Jacob went on to explain the following as things to look out for which include 'if they ghost you 'as a form of punishment' for not getting their own way', 'if your partner threatens to leave you when you have an argument instead of having a calm discussion about it', and lastly 'if they start comparing you to other people - their exes in particular'.

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