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Woman reveals heartwarming text she received from father-in-law after boyfriend proposed and people are in tears

Woman reveals heartwarming text she received from father-in-law after boyfriend proposed and people are in tears

People couldn't wait to share their reactions to the 'beautiful' message

There's definitely no shortage of nightmarish in-law horror stories.

Think of the mother-in-law who demanded to be the first person to hold her new grandchild, the one who asked to be paid for spending time with her grandchild, or the one who tried to change her grandson's name after the birth.

With that in mind, it's always lovely to come across a slightly lighter interaction between a bride-to-be and her partner's parents.

And that's exactly what one woman has shown after sharing the incredibly heartwarming text she received from her father-in-law after her boyfriend popped the question.

The bride-to-be, Mia, who goes by the handle @miaamabile online, took to TikTok to share the full message and it's left people in absolute bits.

Mia started the TikTok sharing a sweet snap from the proposal with the photo's overlay text reading: "My Roman Empire is the text I got from my future father-in-law after his son proposed..."

The text in question began: "My Dearest Mia,

"Now that it is official, I wanted to take a moment to directly and personally tell you how overjoyed we all are to have you become an official member of our family, and us of yours!"

Mia's future father-in-law continued: "We have loved you from the moment we met you, and could always see that you and Alex were absolutely meant to be together forever!

One bride-to-be shared the adorable message she received from her father-in-law.

"The most important thing is that you guys clearly unconditionally love each other, and take care of each other, and that is by far the most important thing that ever matters!"

He finished up the heartfelt message, adding: "We are so greatly looking forward to all of the amazing times we will get to spend together.

"All our love forever, Doug."

Mia captioned the post: "I mean... what a role model for my future husband!!!!!"

People gushed over the 'cutest welcome to the family message'.

People have since rushed in to share their reactions to the adorable message with one TikTok user writing: "Doug.. you are really the standard!!"

"Doug is the father-in-law we aspire to have!" penned a second.

A third joked: "Petition for Doug to teach a seminar on how to be an in-law!"

"Oh my goodness this is so beautiful," praised a fourth, while a fifth gushed: "This felt so healing for me to read and I’m not even in a relationship yet!"

A sixth echoed: "That is the most heartfelt message that a woman could get from her future father in law. It is written from the heart!"

"I dream of marrying into a family this wonderful. Congrats!!" praised another.

A final TikTok user echoed: "This is the cutest welcome to the family message ever omg."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@miaamabile

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