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We Asked Women The Most Ridiculous Reasons They Got ‘The Ick’

We Asked Women The Most Ridiculous Reasons They Got ‘The Ick’

Sometimes the strangest things can turn you off a partner, from fleeced bed sheets to long fingernails...

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Ah, 'the ick'. It's not a new phenomenon, by any means. But we were reminded of that feeling all too vividly during Love Island last night, when Leanne Amaning told the girls, in no uncertain terms, that she couldn't spend a minute longer in poor Mike Boating's company.

Blaming the fact that the she had "no spark" with the police officer, Leanne told Jess Gale and Sophie Piper: "I don't want him to be around... I don't want him to kiss me. I don't want him to touch me. Shut up, shut up, shut up!".

To an untrained eye, this reaction might seem a little out of the blue, or even harsh.

However, the fact is, getting 'the ick' can happen in an instant, over the tiniest of things - and once it kicks in there's no going back.

Leanne told Mike she had 'the ick' (

Speaking to Tyla, London Dating Coach Hayley Quinn explained: "'The ick' is a very technical dating term that means you feel intuitively turned off by the idea of physical contact with someone.

"This can be a tough one as sometimes the person is great on paper: really nice, really into you and doing all the right things, however you're just not feeling it."

In a bid to prove just how common this phenomenon is, we asked our readers to send us the weirdest, most ridiculous and downright hilarious reasons they've ever got 'the ick' - and the results don't disappoint.

Sarah, 24, from Leeds

Because we're all a little bit shallow sometimes... (

India, 24, from Hertfordshire

We are totally with you on this one.. (

Hannah, 25, from Brighton

Fingerless gloves are a no go (

Lizzie, 27, from Birmingham

Live, laugh, get the ick (

Francesca, 32, from Buckinghamshire

Note to all: no romantic holidays when we've barely known you a month (

Zara, 30, from London

You're not in a boyband, okay (

Rachel, 25, from London

Oral hygiene is a must, folks (

Elouise, 25, from Suffolk

Not taking the hint is a *very* big ick factor (

Zara, 29, from Manchester

Pizza toppings are a deal breaker for some (

Helena, 20, from Edinburgh

However comfy, fleeced bed sheets are not sexy (

So what do you do if 'the ick' gets too much? What if you just can't ignore those fluffy bedsheets any longer?!

Dating expert Hayley added: "My advice on the ick is not to fight it! It can be a sign that we're trying to force ourselves to like someone, because they like us, or because we really want a relationship.

"Modern day dating advice gives us plenty of tools to over analyse ourselves if we're not feeling it: do you have attachment issues? Should you be more open minded? Are you a closet commitment phobe?

"Whilst it's good to self reflect - it is also wise to trust yourself. So as long as you don't feel 'the ick' 24/7 I would just accept that whilst you see this person's good qualities, something about them just isn't for you.

"Instead trust that you can find someone who brings the same qualities into a relationship, but who you feel less squirmy about, in the future."

After all, they say there's nothing more powerful than female intuition...

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