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Expert shares brutal code word that proves men aren't interested in you

Expert shares brutal code word that proves men aren't interested in you

A TikTok user claims that men deploy this phrase when they don't want to spend time with whoever they're courting.

A dating guru claims that men typically use a ‘code word’ when they aren’t interested in seeing someone anymore.

TikTok user Sarah Lauren has built a 493,000-strong following on the video-sharing platform by giving out relationship advice to both single and partnered-up people.

In one of her recent videos, the New Yorker has revealed a phrase that men allegedly deploy when they don’t want to spend time with their significant other.

Speaking on a video - which featured the overlay text, ‘Things guys do when they don’t like you - Sarah began: “Coming in strong at number one.

“If they use this code word, they don’t care about you that much”.

She continued: “If they say that they are ‘busy’ they’re not trying, they don’t even want to try.

“They’re just not that into you and just are busy so that they can avoid anything to do with you.”

She added that ‘everyone’s busy in their life’ and that people ‘make time’ for the things they want to prioritise.

Sarah claimed that men use a 'code word' to get out of spending time with their date.

“So if they’re not making time and they’re using that word ‘busy’ all the time…

“They’re just using it basically as a thing to say as they don’t want to hang out with you.”

Following the now-viral video - which has collated 2.3 million likes since it was posted last week - viewers have come out in their droves to debate the dating expert’s tip.

One TikTok user said: “I love how obvious these all are but I’m still in denial.”

“Been married for 11 years, seeing each other for close to 15. I can’t imagine the mind games that go into dating in this social media world. Crazy,” replied a second.

Many TikTok users agreed with the content creator when she said that 'busy' is code for not wanting to hang out.

Another wrote: “Currently seeing a guy who works in IB who legit works 5 am-midnight, and he still has time to take me on dates.

“They’re never too busy!”

A fourth said: “The ‘busy’ thing or not texting enough can (sic) be a grey area sometimes.

“Taking hours often or days to respond is different but I see way too many people now getting triggered when someone doesn’t text them back within a few minutes 24/7.

“And assuming isn’t interested for not being glued to their phones all the time. It’s very frustrating.”

They added that some people prioritise ‘being really present’ with their significant other in person, and tend to ‘focus on work’ when they are apart.

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Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@sarahlauren71

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