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Dating expert reveals ‘main reason’ why women stop having sex with their husbands

Dating expert reveals ‘main reason’ why women stop having sex with their husbands

She also revealed how this detachment can easily be remedied.

A doctor has revealed exactly why married couples cease having sex - and how it can relate to deeper relationship problems.

While some may get their kicks from statistics, it may not be a good idea for others to size up and compare their sex lives with others.

But if you’re curious, research carried out by Newsweek magazine found that married couples are getting intimate around 68.5 times per year.

A dating expert has revealed the 'primary reason' married couples stop having sex.

The same poll discovered that spouses tend to have more sex than partners who haven’t said ‘I do’, while therapist David Schnarch found that of 20,000 couples, 26 percent were having sex once a week.

But what happens when you routinely experience dry spells? Well, relationships expert Dr Sarah Hensley apparently has the answer.

The practitioner has been studying the science of relationships for over 15 years and currently helms The Dating Decoder.

The platform is used to provide step-by-step action plans, communication scripts for couples and strategies that help take relationships from dull to delightful.

One of the recent issues that Dr Hensley has tackled for The Dating Decorder is the reason why our sex lives can suffer bouts of drought.

Dating expert Dr Sarah Hensley detailed three attachment types that people can exhibit.

Taking to TikTok, the relationships expert claimed that the ‘primary reason’ monogamous couples stop having sex is because they feel ‘emotionally unsafe’.

Speaking about the idea, the social media star began: “The reason they don't feel emotionally safe is because their attachment needs are not being met inside of their relationship.

"Attachment needs are our deepest needs inside of a romantic relationship and if those things are not fulfilled we will not feel emotionally safe.”

Moreover, Dr Hensley continued to say when women start to feel ‘unsafe’ in their relationship they stop wanting to give their bodies to their partners.

She even detailed how women can begin to feel ‘extremely unattracted’ to their spouse.

"They simply can't get turned on physically turned on by their partners any more.”

The social media star revealed that feeling 'unsafe' in your relationship can lead to dry spells.

As well as the relationships coach detailing the problem, she has offered a solution for those looking to get back into the swing of sex.

Know your partners attachment style

She said that the first step of overcoming a dry spell was to know the ‘attachment style of your partner’.

Dr Hensley claims that once you know what your partner needs out of your relationship, you should be back on track with your sex life ASAP.

Types of attachment style

She explained that there are a few different attachment styles and once you work out your spouses, you can begin to feel comfortable with each other again.

Anxious Preoccupied

The first attachment style is ‘Anxious preoccupied’. People with this attachment style allegedly need reassurance that they are loved and that their relationship is stable.

Fearful Avoidant

Fearful avoidant is the second attachment type, according to the expert.

You can fall into this category if you need ‘a lot of space’ for your feelings and if you place a lot of worth on communication.

Dismissive Avoidant

The third and final attachment type which Dr Hensley detailed was ‘Dismissive avoidant’.

Those with this trait apparently need ‘space, autonomy and lack of criticism’ and simply thrive when there is ‘peace and harmony’ in the relationship.

So, if you want to take your sex life off pause, identifying your partner’s attachment type may be the first step to total domestic bliss.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@the_dating_decoder

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