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Woman who married herself in £3,000 wedding in front of family and friends is now ‘cheating’ on herself

Woman who married herself in £3,000 wedding in front of family and friends is now ‘cheating’ on herself

People have branded her a 'narcissist' online

Anyone who has experienced the modern dating scene even for a minute will know that, sometimes, waiting to find Mr or Mrs Right can be a bit of a faff at the best of times and downright impossible at the worst.

So, in order to skip over all that hassle, one woman took it upon herself to simply tie the knot with herself in her dream wedding in front of all her family and friends which ended up costing her thousands.

However, it seems she hasn't achieved that happily ever after she was looking for as things have since took a turn for the worst after she ended up 'cheating' on herself.

Yep, you read that right.

Danni opened up about her marriage with herself on Love Don't Judge.

Danni Adams, who originally hails from Florida but now lives in Los Angeles, opened up about her love life on the Love Don't Judge YouTube channel.

Branded a 'narcissist' by people online who don't agree with her lifestyle choice, Danni forked out a staggering £3,169 ($4,000) on the do after embarking on a 'self-love journey'.

Danni, who works as a body image coach and body positivity influencer, made headlines last year after going all-in with 'sologamy' which, in case you didn't know, simply is the act of marrying yourself.

Taking to her Instagram, where she has 49k followers, Danni wrote: "Getting married to myself at 30 years old was the most beautiful commitment that I’ve made to myself.

"It was a commitment to continue to grow and heal. A commitment to center my feelings. I love me!

"Everyone always asks will I have to divorce myself to marry a man but the real question is why do I need to lose me in order to be married?

"If I have to divorce myself for any reason, it’s not for me!"

Danni opened up about embarking on a 'self-love journey'.

Speaking on the YouTube channel, which boats 92.3k subscribers, Danni revealed: "I'm judged because I spent $4,000 on a wedding to marry myself. Before the wedding, I spent a couple of years in therapy, just really trying to find myself.

"During my self-love journey, I stopped drinking, I stopped having sex, I spent a lot of quality time with myself, taking myself on dates. Just really finding out what I like."

She also admitted she had always dreamed about one day marrying herself since being a little girl.

"Why can't I love myself?" she asked. "Why can't I marry myself? I'm not hurting anybody."

Danni also revealed she did suspect some criticism before celebrating the occasion, adding: "I planned the wedding before I told anyone about it because I didn't want anyone to deter me from marrying myself."

However, with that said, all of her family and friends decided to come through and support her while she walked down the aisle and said her vows into a mirror.

All her family and friends attended the sologamy wedding ceremony.

But, sadly, not everyone is as supportive as Danni's friends and family.

"The most hurtful comment I experienced online was people saying that I had to marry myself because no one would want me," she explained. "What messages are we sending people of size that they are unlovable, that they are unworthy? "That's not true, I can get married to a man tomorrow."

Since committing to sologamy, Danni has seemingly gone back on her vows to be faithful to herself and herself only after entering the dating pool once again.

"I will continue to inspire women and show little girls that loving themselves is the most beautiful thing they can do," she explained.

Addressing the unique element to her marriage, one YouTube user asked: "WHY go on a date when you are ALREADY married to yourself?! Isn't that CHEATING?"

Others, however, were more understanding, with a second pointing out: "It’s a difference between narcissism and self-love.

"She loves herself and has confidence. As long as she’s happy, that’s all that matters. Hating her won’t make you a better person."

"This is beautiful," praised a third. "'Why shouldn’t I celebrate myself?'"

A fourth chimed in: "If I was a man dating this young woman, I'd be intimidated. I'd be in a competition with someone who loves herself.

"You can see how happy she is being herself. That's not narcissism. That's self love."

"I say good for her," echoed a final YouTube user.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@amapoundcake

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