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Couple responds to cruel trolling after fiance is called 'hideous'

Couple responds to cruel trolling after fiance is called 'hideous'

He said people had said he looked like 'fermented mayonnaise'

A couple have hit back at the trolls who slammed them over how they looked when they were engaged.

TikToker model Drachel Fiona uploaded a video sharing some of the comments she and her husband Ryley had received over the way he looked.

She said that people had called him 'hideous' and bullied Ryley over his appearance, but it hadn't phased the couple.

The couple have been trolled over their appearances, with husband Ryley getting both barrels from trolls.

Joking about some of the comments he'd received after getting into a relationship with his now-wife he said: "I'm ugly. I'm a troll. I'm Benjamin Franklin. I'm on the hunter. Thank you.

"Um, someone called me fermented mayonnaise. Not gonna lie, that's clever as s**t."

They seemed to be able to have a good laugh at some of the comments, as Drachel said the 'fermented mayonnaise' one was 'one of our favourites'.

The couple said they'd both been trolled for having 'receding hairlines' but seemed unbothered by the sudden retreated of the follicled front lines which affects so many people.

She said that sometimes people told her that her parents must be 'disappointed by her choice of a ugly white fiancé', and responded by saying the couple had a 'fairly traditional relationship'.

The couple had some insults they liked, and said 'y'all just jelly' to the haters.

"Thanks for watching. Y'all just jelly," was her sign-off to the people who'd trolled her and her husband.

Some of their followers on TikTok praised the couple for being 'hella funny' about the abuse they'd received and said Ryley was an 'unbothered king' for taking the comments in his stride.

They're not the only couple who've been trolled for this sort of thing in the past.

Scott and wife Divine were pursued by trolls because people thought he was 'too unattractive' for her, with people calling him 'ugly' and telling him that his wife must have married him so she could live in the US.

They met after she messaged him by mistake on Facebook, which led to a four-year long distance relationship before he proposed and they moved in together.

In his teens, Scott developed an autoimmune disease called Scleroderma, which he says 'morphed' his appearance over time and led to him receiving unkind comments about the way he looked.

Despite comments over the difference in their appearance, Scott came to find that they had 'just no effect anymore' as he was seeing 'the same thing over and over again' from people.

Occasionally it's helpful to remember the advice many of us were given as children which told is 'if you haven't got anything nice to say, don't say anything at all'.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@drachelfiona

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