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Bride slammed over 'vulgar' and 'gross' dance with groom during wedding reception

Bride slammed over 'vulgar' and 'gross' dance with groom during wedding reception

The x-rated dancefloor antics have divided opinion

A newlywed in America has taken the age old phrase 'blushing bride' to a whole new level this week.

To say that mother-of-three Natalie Sanders left her spectating wedding guests red-faced would be a colossal understatement, after she gave her husband a not-so-family-friendly lap dance in the middle of her reception.

In a video, shared by the bride herself - which has since gone viral on social media - Natalie can be seen flipping upside-down and - to put it brutally - thrusting her crotch into her new hubby's face.

And whilst many believe the naughty nurse's Magic Mike-esque performance was something to heap praise onto, other, more conservative viewers believe there is a time and a place for frolicking with your loved one.

In the caption to the clip - which has accumulated more than 4.8 million views since being uploaded to TikTok earlier this month - Natalie confesses to having possibly over-indulged on fizz during her special day.

"When you had one too many drinks at your wedding," she jibed over the clip, which saw her husband sitting on a chair in the middle of the dancefloor.

The bride could be seen throwing her legs over her hubby's head.

It is then that Natalie, donning a pristine white gown and bouncy blonde curls, can be seen launching herself over his shoulder and onto his lap.

With legs 'spread eagle' in mid air, the visibly delighted bride then proceeds to bump and grind all over her man, throwing her crotch in front of his face.

Whilst we have no doubt that Natalie enjoyed the time of her life on her big day, the bold bride has divided opinion on whether her x-rated antics were appropriate for a family occasion.

"I swear wedding receptions nowadays have become so vulgar and gross. wedding dresses as well. people forget it's a wedding not a club!" one repelled viewer penned in the comments.

Another hit out: "how embarrassing - people have no shame".

"y’all supposed to do this afterrrr the reception" a third teased.

The bride has divided opinion.

Others, however, were impressed by both Natalie's courage and flexibility during her intimate routine.

"I’m admiring how you were able to be that strong and drunk at the same time! I’m impressed!" of viewer gushed.

A second went on: "Not me watching this over and over & admiring the coordination you have, I would’ve flipped right over"

"I’m just tryna be your best friend at this point cuz none of mine match my energy like this" a third laughed.

Featured Image Credit: @itsnatalierosee/TikTok

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